• Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Attacked by a shark, little girl manages to escape: the moment filmed by her mother


May 10, 2021

A 6-year-old girl had a close encounter with a shark in the waters of Oahu, Hawaii, over the weekend and the dramatic moment, fortunately without consequences, was immortalized in a video by her mother. As Sheri Gouveia explained to local media, her daughter Anela Rezentes was playing in the water at Kalama Beach, a beach they frequent. She was filming her with her cell phone when the little girl started screaming and crying in terror, running towards the shore. He initially did not understand what had happened. But after the story of the little girl, she looked at the images recorded on the mobile phone, identifying the fin of the shark that had arrived a few centimeters from the child before swimming away. “I am happy that the angels have protected my daughter,” the woman said.