Covid-19: British Minister of Health resigns for non-compliance with health rules

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British Health Minister Matt Hancock announced his resignation on Saturday after admitting to violating health measures against Covid-19. In question: images published in the press show him kissing a counselor, at a time when hugs were prohibited.

British Minister of Health Matt Hancock, a key figure in government action against the pandemic, announced his resignation on Saturday, June 26, after admitting to violating health measures linked to COVID-19 by kissing an assistant in his office .

“We owe it to ourselves to be honest with the people who have sacrificed so much during this pandemic, when we disappointed them as I did by breaking the instructions”, he wrote in his letter of resignation given to the Premier Minister Boris Johnson, reiterating his apologies.

“You should leave your post very proud of what you have achieved, not only in tackling the pandemic but also before Covid-19 hits us,” Boris Johnson replied, saying he was “sorry” for his departure. of the government.

A controversial hiring

The tabloid The Sun had published Friday, in One, an image taken from a surveillance camera showing Matt Hancock, married and father of three children, kissing Gina Coladangelo, a long-time friend whose discreet hiring had already been controversial, in his office on May 6, at a time when braces were banned.

Matt Hancock had apologized and the head of government had first given his support, deeming the subject “closed”.

But the Sun hit the nail on the head on Saturday, posting surveillance camera video footage on its website and calls for Matt Hancock’s resignation have multiplied, especially from opposition parties.

The main one, the Labor Party, had also questioned a possible conflict of interest in the appointment to the ministry of Gina Coladangelo, a lobbyist Matt Hancock has known from university and who currently heads communications for a chain of shops founded by her husband.

This appointment had not been declared before being revealed by the press.

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