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Helicopter attacked where President Iván Duque and two of his ministers were traveling


(CNN Spanish) – The helicopter carrying the president of Colombia Iván Duque was attacked this Friday while he was heading from the municipality of Sardinata, department of Norte de Santander, to the city of Cúcuta, in the same department, according to the president himself.

In the aircraft, according to Duque, were Diego Molano and Daniel Palacios, ministers of Defense and Interior, respectively, and the governor of Norte de Santander, Silvano Serrano.

“Both the aerial device and the aircraft’s capacity prevented something lethal from happening, the truth is that it is a cowardly attack where bullet wounds are seen on the presidential aircraft,” said Duque with Molano and Palacios in a video published in the social networks of the presidency.

“As a government we are not going to falter for a single minute, a single day in the fight against drug trafficking, against terrorism and against organized crime organizations that operate in the country,” he added. “Here they don’t intimidate us with acts of terrorism.”

Duque said he gave “very clear instructions to the entire security team to go after those who fired at the aircraft.”



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