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US intelligence investigation into extraterrestrials without conclusive result


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The American intelligence services presented, on Friday, the conclusions of a report on the observation of unidentified flying objects between 2004 and 2021. Due to lack of information, they could not attribute these incidents to ” specific causes “.

The very fantasized world of UFOs has almost returned to reality. In a long-awaited report, US intelligence said Friday, June 25, that there was no evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials.

There is “probably not a single explanation” for these phenomena, specifies this report published by the services of the national director of intelligence. “We currently do not have enough information in our databases to attribute these incidents to specific causes.”

In this report which lists incidents that occurred between 2004 and 2021, the American intelligence services admit having no explanation for more than 140 phenomena. But all of the information gathered remains “largely inconclusive”, they say.

Determine the hypothetical threats to the United States

The Pentagon released videos taken by US Navy pilots last year showing in-flight encounters with what appear to be UFOs. One of these videos is from November 2004 and the other two are from January 2015.

After decades of secrecy, Congress last year ordered the executive to brief the general public on the activities of the Pentagon unit responsible for studying these phenomena. The US military is investigating whether these phenomena can be linked to threats against the United States.

The accelerations of objects filmed by pilots and their ability to change direction are difficult to explain. And the American intelligence services fear that China or Russia test hypersonic technologies, moving at 10 or even 20 times the speed of sound, and very maneuverable, according to one of the American officials quoted in the American press.

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