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Ufo and alien technology, the US report: no evidence


Do UFOs exist? What about alien technology? We don’t have evidence, but we can’t rule it out either. The US government has no explanation for a series of sightings of ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’ reported over the past 2 decades and analyzed by a Pentagon task force. The verdict, so to speak, is contained in the report released by the US authorities. Overall, there is no explanation for 143 reports collected since 2004 and – as the New York Times points out – mentioned in the document published by the office of the director of National Intelligence. In particular, 21 reports – which refer to 18 episodes – would contain elements relating to technological capabilities unknown to the United States: objects that move without visible propulsion or with such rapid acceleration as to be considered beyond the reach of Russia, China or others. There is no evidence, the NYT points out, that none of the episodes involve programs related to secret US weapons, unknown technology from Russia and China, or extraterrestrial ‘visitors’. On the other hand, there is a lack of elements to categorically exclude the same hypotheses. Government officials then outlined a plan to develop a program that would allow data to be collected and analyzed more productively in the future. In short, in many cases there is a lack of data to reach a definitive conclusion on the episodes relating to UFOs or UAPs (depending on whether you want to attribute the adjective “unknown” to “flying objects” or “aerial phenomena”). The Pentagon will involve Congress in defining the observation and analysis program.



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