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Taubira’s victory does not cause any union on the left, Jadot for Corsica’s “autonomy”… Today’s political news – Le Monde


Le World keeps the logbook for the 2022 presidential election campaign: a daily update, published every evening at 7 p.m., reviews the political events of the past day and discusses upcoming meetings.

  • The news of the day: on the left, the victory of Christiane Taubira at the Popular Primary does not cause any rally

The popular Primary was to be a solution to the disunity of the left, it is now seen as a problem by almost all the candidates of this political edge declared in the presidential election. Only Christiane Taubira was delighted, Monday, to have been designated the winner of the consultation, in which 392,000 people took part.

“She is a candidate and one more candidacy”, lamented the socialist Anne Hidalgo on Sunday evening, on France 5. “This is exactly the opposite of what the popular Primary wanted”, abounds Yannick Jadot on TF1, shortly after the announcement of the results of the vote. “I will not rally behind Christiane Taubira, she does not even have a program, for the moment”, frontally criticized the candidate of the French Communist Party, Fabien Roussel, on BFM-TV, Monday morning. Mme Taubira spoke with some of them on the phone on Monday, and tried to reach others, such as Jean-Luc Mélenchon – without succeeding, so far, in changing their position.

Read the editorial of “Le Monde”: After the popular Primary, the left at an impasse

The announcement of the candidacy of the former Keeper of the Seals, however, brought up again the question of the support of the Socialist Party (PS) for Anne Hidalgo. “Before the leadership of the Socialist Party gathered [lundi] noon, Olivier Faure recalled in the introduction and in the conclusion that the Socialist Party and the candidate Anne Hidalgo, it’s the same thing », swept PS spokesman Pierre Jouvet on Twitter. The hope for a new impetus on the left begins with a status quo.

  • The proposal of the day: Eric Zemmour proposes a birth bonus of 10,000 euros in rural municipalities

Eric Zemmour returned on Monday to his proposal to pay, if elected, a bonus of 10,000 euros “for every new child born into a family in rural France”as he had presented during a meeting in Chaumont-sur-Tharonne (Loir-et-Cher), Friday evening. “I want to move from city politics to country politics”said the far-right candidate on CNews.

The measure would concern a third of the French, estimates Mr. Zemmour, who takes up a definition of Insee from 2019 to consider as rural territory any municipality of less than two thousand inhabitants. The vice-president of the Reconquest! party, Guillaume Peltier, specified on Friday that he “will have to[it] justify two years of residence in rural France” to benefit from this aid, financed by part of the investments made today in the “suburban plans”.

INSEE has changed its method rural qualification in 2020considering that its former classification of municipalities “did not allow us to grasp all of its dimensions. Functional type criteria must be associated with this, in particular the degree of influence of an employment centre”. Eighty-eight percent of municipalities in France and 33% of the population recorded in 2017 now live in rural areas.

  • Image of the day: Yannick Jadot boasts of “full autonomy” in Corsica

The EELV candidate, Yannick Jadot (on the right), meets the president of the executive council of Corsica, Gilles Simeoni, in Bastia, Monday January 31, 2022.

“Environmentalists are regionalists” : Yannick Jadot exposed to the press his vision of the future of Corsica, Monday, after a meeting with the autonomist president of the executive council of the island, Gilles Simeoni, in Bastia. The environmental candidate, if elected, said he would like “a statute of full autonomy, full exercise” for Corsica.

The negotiation proposal would relate both to the sharing of competences between local authorities and the State and to “a history, a language, a culture, a pride (…), which must also be recognized”insisted Mr. Jadot, the first candidate to adopt this orientation since the start of the campaign.

Asked whether he intended to support the environmentalist candidate, Mr. Simeoni replied that “that was not the objective of this morning’s meeting”, before claiming to seek “to defend the interests of Corsica, to have them taken into account in the presidential debate”.

  • The campaign in the archives of “Le Monde”

Archive of the

The two Lille voters interviewed by The world, on January 29, 2017, have already voted four times in the run-up to the presidential election. “Two in the fall, for the primary on the right, then two in winter, for the primary on the left”, writes our correspondent Laurie Moniez. “Only two more, in the spring, and they will have come to the end of their electoral troubles. Because voting is not an easy task when you don’t see a thing, continues the article published in the newspaper dated January 31.

Read the archive, in January 2017: Article reserved for our subscribers “The left is a bit special this year”

Less than three months before the first round and in the absence of the outgoing Socialist President, François Hollande, who then already announced that he did not represent, the left-wing voters questioned say they are, in fact, undecided. Benoît Hamon won the primary of the Socialist Party (PS), but struggled to convince a large part of Mr. Hollande’s support in 2012 – he finally obtained 6.35% of the vote in the first round, the worst result of the PS history.

Among the witnesses, some criticize the results of the five-year Hollande period and of one of its prime ministers, Manuel Valls – accused of having “betrayed the left” –, others accuse the slingers of having “sunk the left”, wonder about the consequences of a vote for Emmanuel Macron, struggle to establish their voting strategy for the first and second rounds, depending on the results. “It’s awful! It has never happened to me not to know who to vote for in a presidential election! » entrusts a retiree to our journalists. “The left is a bit special this year: there are too many candidates”, concludes, in Montpellier, a constituent of Benoît Hamon.

“Tour of the possible”. Yannick Jadot begins, Tuesday, his “tour of the possible” by the Place de la République, in Lille. “We invest our emblematic places, to revive our democracy”, ambitions his campaign team. The environmentalist candidate must then go to Rennes (place Hoche), on February 8, then to Montpellier (place de la Comédie), on February 10.

Debate between two elders. The newspaper The cross organizes, on Tuesday, a conference-debate with two relatively rare guests in this campaign: Bernard Cazeneuve and Edouard Philippe. Both are former prime ministers, both let a possible candidacy for the presidential election hover, before retracting. Their discussion will address the theme of democracy. “How to reinvent it? » in particular, the daily will ask the two men, who have not, each on his side, ruled out the idea of ​​​​maintaining future national ambitions.



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