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Mélenchon responds to Taubira and lays down his conditions for “chatting” – The HuffPost


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Jean-Luc Mélenchon was circumspect to say the least in the face of Christiane Taubira’s call to unite the leftist lists for the next presidential election (archive photo taken in the spring of 2019).

POLITICS – Definitely, it is not the “popular primary” which will unite on the left. This Monday, January 31, as he had promised, the winner of the online consultation Christiane Taubira tried to join the various candidates of his extended political family in order to bring about a rapprochement. And on the side of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the reply was salty.

In an SMS revealed by BFMTV and confirmed by several media of which The world, the candidate of rebellious France for the ballot in April does not hide his annoyance after yet another candidacy was added on the left this Sunday.

“I believed you when you regretted the number of applications”, wrote Jean-Luc Mélenchon in particular in his message. “You now add to it the yours. But I only want my confidence.” He adds, justifying his refusal to converse in person by telephone, to keep “a sad memory of (their) previous contacts”.

Above all, Jean-Luc Mélenchon poses a very firm condition to any possible contact with the former Minister of Justice: that she opposes the oath of Romainville, which “aims to prevent by force (his) candidacy”.

The “violence” of blocking signatures

As a reminder, in October, dozens of elected socialists and Generation.s had gathered at the initiative of the mayor of the commune of Seine-Saint-Denis to commit to retain their sponsorship for 2022, thus seeking to push the declared candidates to comply with the exercise of the “popular primary”. Proponents of this oath added that they would do their best to prevent other left-wing candidates from finding funding to take part in the election. At the time, some of the supporters of this initiative intended to give credibility to the candidacy of Anne Hidalgo, before seeing this company ultimately benefit Christiane Taubira.

And serve the rebellious candidate, according to the person concerned, who ensures that it prevents him from obtaining the necessary support. “This violence coming after my forcible entry into your operation is in my view contradictory with a sincere desire for dialogue”, concludes Jean-Luc Mélenchon in his message to Christiane Taubira. A way of remembering that he never agreed to take part in the “popular primary” and that he made no commitment to comply with the rules set by its organizers.

Like Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the other left-wing leaders all dismissed Christiane Taubira on Monday. Anne Hidalgo, for example, deplored an “additional candidacy”, when Fabien Roussel and Yannick Jadot did not show themselves to be more receptive to this idea that “the vote in the popular primary indicates a powerful aspiration for union and that we cannot not sit on the vote of 400,000 people”, as the former deputy from Guyana wanted to convince them.

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