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The wind is blowing all over Slovakia: Tree on D2, flying roof on Spiš, destroyed gas connection in Malacky –


30. 01. 2022 11:32, the article was updated 30. 01. 2022 16:56 | BRATISLAVA / TASR

Snowfall also complicates traffic on Sundays.

Torn roof in the village Spišská Belá
Photo: TV Awning

Víchrica Nadia arrived in Slovakia. As reported by the portal, an employee of the Fire and Rescue Service Center in western Slovakia has a number of fallen trees. Perhaps the most serious event took place in Malacky, where a tree fell and damaged the gas connection. To what extent, gasmen are already finding out.

A strong wind also tore down the roof of the building in the center of Spišská Belá in the Kežmarok district. This was confirmed by an operational officer of the Regional Directorate of the Fire and Rescue Corps (HaZZ) in Prešov, stating that they recorded a total of three trips directly related to adverse weather.

“The roof was torn down from the shop at the main crossroads, endangering pedestrians and vehicles because it hung over the sidewalk and over the road. In the cadastre of Tatranská Lomnica, firefighters intervened for a fallen tree on the road, for the same reason also in the town of Kežmarok, “said the operations officer.

The Slovak Road Administration (SSC) warns drivers of strong gusts of wind in most parts of the Slovak Republic, which complicates traffic. You can find current information HERE.



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