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Almost the whole of Slovakia will be hit by a strong wind! Be careful in the mountains: Warnings are also issued –


The second-degree wind warning in the mountains is valid throughout the weekend in the districts of Banská Bystrica, Brezno, Poprad, Liptovský Mikuláš, Ružomberok and Tvrdošín. The wind can reach speeds of 135 to 160 kilometers per hour.

The creation of snow tongues and snowdrifts should be expected from Saturday evening in the Banská Bystrica, Trenčín, Košice, Prešov and Žilina regions. On Sunday (January 30), a second-level warning applies in the districts of Poprad, Liptovský Mikuláš and Tvrdošín. “The incidence of snow tongues and snowdrifts is above average at the time of year and in the area, and the probability of causing damage is high,” pointed out SHMÚ.

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Source: SHMÚ

In addition, on Sunday, meteorologists extended the second-degree warning against the wind in the mountains of the Žilina region. It applies to almost all districts throughout the day. At the same time, the SHMÚ also issued first-degree warnings against the wind in the mountains on Sunday. These apply to the Trenčín, Košice and Nitra regions, as well as to some districts of the Banská Bystrica, Prešov and Žilina regions.

The wind there can reach an average speed of 70 to 85 kilometers per hour in the higher areas. In most regions, SHMÚ also warns against the formation of ice. The first-level warning against this phenomenon is valid from Saturday 20.00 to Sunday 9.00.



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