Covid Gb, Delta variant infections + 46% in one week

Cases of the Delta variant in the UK increased by 46 per cent in one week. This is revealed by the new data from Public Health England (Phe), which indicate 35,204 new cases of the variant from last week, for a total of 111,157, equal to an increase of 46%. About forty of these cases belong to the so-called Delta Plus variant, which spreads even more easily and appears to be more resistant to treatment. But while the Delta variant now accounts for around 95% of new cases sequenced in the UK, vaccinations continue to have a “crucial effect on hospital admissions and deaths” according to Phe. In the week that ended June 21, the new hospitalizations were 514. In 304 cases they were unvaccinated. Phe also reported the presence of an additional variant, the Lambda, designated as a variant under investigation. Six cases have so far been identified in the UK, all related to travel abroad.

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