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Coronavirus in the Czech Republic: Tests confirmed more than 55,000 cases –


47,220 people were newly infected, and others confirmed reinfection.

PRAGUE. Laboratory tests on Friday in the Czech Republic revealed a total of 55,224 cases of the disease coronavirus. 47,220 people were newly infected, the second highest number per day during the pandemic, with 8,004 confirmed reinfection.

This follows from data from the Czech Ministry of Health from Saturday morning.

The number of hospitalizations with the covid increased

The number of people hospitalized in Czech hospitals with covid has also increased. There are currently 2,128 of them, 161 more than the previous day. However, the number of hospitalized in serious condition fell again, from 192 to 184.

The seven-day incidence of coronavirus in the Czech Republic has risen to 2,224 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the past week. This indicator reaches the highest values ​​in the districts of Prague-West (3394.95), Prague-East (3195.21) and Prague (2900.34).

Experts predict that the number of infected in the country will continue to grow. Health Minister Vlastimil Valek expects a wave of coronavirus variant spread omicron will culminate in the Czech Republic next week, informed the server.

Coronavirus in the Czech Republic

According to preliminary data, which may increase later in the day during the update, there have been seven covid-related deaths in the Czech Republic in the last day.

In the Czech Republic, 2,971,107 cases of coronavirus infections and 37,168 related deaths have been confirmed since the beginning of the pandemic.

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