Gb, new troubles for Hancock: “Relationship with the assistant”

New roof tile for British Health Minister Matt Hancock. After the accusations of incompetence in the management of the pandemic that were thrown at him by Dominic Cummings, the former adviser and right-hand man of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and after the surge in new infections due to the spread of the Indian variant, now Hancock must defend himself from ‘accuses of having a romantic relationship with his assistant, Gina Coladangelo. The Sun has published images in which the 42-year-old Minister of Health appears in a “fiery embrace” while kissing the 43-year-old Coladangelo, whom he hired to the ministry last year. The images appear to have been taken last May 6 by a surveillance camera at the Ministry’s headquarters. Hancock, married for 15 years, at the moment declined to comment on the affair which has both personal and public implications, being the salary of Codangelo, who is also married, paid with British taxpayers’ money. After a first unpaid contract as a consultant, signed in March last year, Hancock then assigned Codangelo the role of non-executive director of the ministry in September. The woman, whom the British media refer to as a “millionaire”, is also director of communications for Oliver Bonas, the fashion, jewelry and luxury home goods company founded by her husband, Oliver Tress. Codangelo is also an executive and shareholder of Luther Pendragon, the lobbying agency that boasts clients such as British Airways and Accenture. Hancock and his wife, Martha, have three children, as does Codangelo.

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