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From the Smurfs to Lucky Luke, the Belgian passport becomes ‘comic’


The Belgian passport changes its graphics and pays homage to the world of comics. The idea – the Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmès explained today – is to “represent our country, its art and its culture”, with a “touch of talent, competence, humility, humor”. Several double pages of the document are dedicated to the heroes of local comics, from Tintin to the Smurfs, from Blake & Mortimer, to Boule and Bill, Lucky Luke, Spirou and Fantasio, Largo Winch. The images contain additional security features, bringing the total number of anti-fraud mechanisms and devices to 48, up from 24 previously. The document will also contain a barcode for the owner’s personal data. The price remains unchanged, 65 Euros and 35 for minors, the passport will be available from 7 February. Last year, 550 cases for fraud were opened in the country, 15 of which were forwarded to the prosecutor’s office. The renewal of the design and changes to the security elements should help reduce the cases of forgery.



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