The 5 things you should know this June 25: Follow the rescue operation near Miami after a building collapse

Minute-by-minute coverage of rescue operations in Florida. Biden says there is agreement on the infrastructure plan. This is what you need to know to start the day. Truth first.


Rescue operation after collapse of a building near Miami

The whereabouts of dozens of people following the collapse of an apartment building in Surfside, near Miami, are still unknown. where at least one person died. There are Argentines, Venezuelans, Paraguayans and Uruguayans reported as missing, and rescue teams continue with the operation at the site. Follow the latest news here.


India Identifies Delta Plus Coronavirus Variant, Says Worrying

The Indian Ministry of Health designated another variant of the coronavirus, delta plus, as a “variant of concern.” The “delta plus” is a version of the delta variant that was first identified in this country and has so far been detected in three states. WHO is studying it to determine its transmissibility and severity.

Which vaccine works best against the delta variant? 2:29


Biden says there is agreement for the infrastructure plan

US President Joe Biden said he reached a agreement on the infrastructure plan with a bipartisan group of senators after the progress of the negotiations the night before. “We all agree that none of us got everything we wanted. I clearly didn’t get everything I wanted, they gave more than I think maybe they planned to give in the first place, “added Biden.

Biden celebrates bipartisan agreement on infrastructure 2:28


Peru: evaluating how to continue the electoral process after the resignation of a magistrate

The National Elections Jury of Peru evaluates how to continue the electoral process after being left without a quorum due to the decline of one of its members after the public hearings began to evaluate the appeals presented by Keiko Fujimori’s party, which requests the nullity of several voting station records. The winner of the elections will not be proclaimed until all those requests have been resolved.

Peru, without president-elect despite ending scrutiny 6:37


Heat wave hits US cities where many do not have air conditioning

An extraordinary heat wave is forecast for this weekend, potentially unlike any the northwestern United States has experienced. Dozens of records could be broken in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, even in areas where air conditioning is not the norm. And all during the first weekend of summer.

Heat wave hits western US 1:27

At coffee time

Pope Francis had a curious visit in his audience

Between fighting crime and taking pictures, Spiderman was able to find a place on the agenda to attend Pope Francis’ weekly audience at the Vatican. See here how was the meeting in which the superhero also gave a gift to the pontiff.

This was the curious meeting between the Pope and Spiderman 0:53

Jennifer Aniston says she and Brad Pitt are “friends”

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were married from 2000 to 2005, but their relationship continues to generate fascination years later. Aniston recently appeared with her “Friends” co-stars and real-world friends, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, on “The Howard Stern Show.” and the conversation turned to Pitt.

Covid-19 caused weddings to be suspended … and also left its mark on dress codes

As more people get vaccinated against COVID-19, “normal” life, including social gatherings, is beginning to resume in some countries. And with the reappearance of bridal parties and guests, New fashion trends reveal how the pandemic may have a lingering influence on dress codes.

Gloria Estefan, Sting and other celebrities unite in an event for India

Celebrities from the United States and India will meet in July for a star-studded virtual event that seeks to encourage the population of the Asian country in their fight against covid-19. Gloria Estefan, Sting and Andrea Bocelli are just a few of those who will appear on Vax.India.Now.

Covid-19 crisis in India leaves hundreds of orphans 3:50

Some of the best images of Guatemala submitted by our users

We asked our users to send us their best photos of Guatemala. Here are some of his images.

The number of the day

70 million

The “polar dinosaurs” could have lived and given birth in the Arctic more than 70 million years ago, according to a study.

They show that dinosaurs could live in the Arctic 0:48

Quote of the day

“The select commission will investigate and report on the facts and causes of the attack and make recommendations for the prevention of any future attacks.”

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, announced that create a special commission to investigate the January 6 attack on the Capitol, after the Republicans blocked the formation of an independent commission.

CNN talks to Donovan Crowl’s mother 1:29

Day selection

Offers to create a ‘gamer’ space in your room or study

The lighting, the chair and even accessories that will make your room show your love for video games.

And to finish…

Meet the 296 GTB, Ferrari’s new supercar

Ferrari launches its new super sports car 1:01

This two-seater, rear-mid-engined sports car is the launch of Ferrari, which its manufacturer describes as an evolution of his Berlinetta concept.

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