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Lukashenko presented two scenarios of Belarus’ involvement in the war –


The leader of Belarus stated two scenarios of involvement in the war.

MINSK. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko admitted on Friday the possibility of an outbreak of war in the event of aggression against Belarus or Russia. The TASS agency informed about it.

“There will be war only in two cases – if Belarus faces direct aggression or if a war is unleashed against our Belarus. The second case, when a war in Belarus will break out, will occur if our ally Russia faces direct attack and the same aggression. , “Lukashenko said during his speech to the people of Belarus on Friday.

Those who would not want to fight would also fight

At the same time, he said that Belarus would come to the aid of Russia, because it follows from their mutual agreements.

He stressed that Russia would follow suit in the event of an attack on Belarus and come to Minsk’s aid.

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“One and a half to two million of our citizens must be able to use (weapons),” Lukashenko said, adding that “those who do not want” will defend him if Belarus is attacked.

Lukashenko made this statement at a time of growing tensions between Moscow and the West. He accuses Russia of amassing troops near the Ukrainian border and is planning an invasion of Ukraine. However, Russia denies that it plans to attack Ukraine.

Proposal for the exchange of prisoners

During his speech, the Belarusian leader also paid attention to Poland and Lithuaniawho last year faced an onslaught of migrants on their border with Belarus. According to Lukashenko, both countries are acting in accordance with United States policy.

Lukashenko also accused Poland of trying to kidnap a Belarusian soldier so that he could be replaced by a member of the Polish army who fled to Belarus last year.

Defendants are to return and repent

Lukashenko also called on Belarusian opposition leaders to return to their homeland, where he said they should “repent and fall to their knees” for the damage they had done.

In his speech on Friday, the Belarusian president also evaluated the year 2021, which he said was a year of “national unity”.

“We have withstood a number of serious tests, mainly related to the pandemic coronavirussanctions, migration waves … we managed it only thanks to unity, “Lukashenko said.



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