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Lavrov considers NATO’s response to be ideological. He does not want war or ignoring Russia –


The Russian minister warned that the possible imposition of new sanctions from the USA would completely disrupt relations.

MOSCOW. Mask he has no interest in provoking war, but will not allow his security interests to be ignored.

The Russian foreign minister announced this on Friday Sergei Lavrov, cited by TASS.

“If it depends on Russia, there will be no war. We do not want a war, but we will not allow our interests to be trampled and ignored,” Lavrov said during an extensive interview he gave to Russian radio stations on Friday.

NATO’s response is ideological

In the interview, Lavrov described the United States’ written response to the draft security guarantees requested by Russia as a “model of diplomatic decency” compared to the response provided to Moscow. ONTO.

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“NATO’s response is so ideologized that it breathes the uniqueness of the North Atlantic Alliance, its special mission and purpose. I am ashamed of those who wrote these texts,” Lavrov said, adding that several ministries were currently analyzing documents delivered to Moscow by the United States. and NATO.

In this regard, the head of Russian diplomacy also said that another meeting of Russian and United States officials will take place in the coming weeks.

Sanctions will disrupt relations

However, Lavrov also warned that the possible imposition of new sanctions by the United States on Russia “would be tantamount to subverting relations” between Moscow and Washington.

After Russia amassed thousands of troops near Ukraine’s borders, the international community’s concern that Moscow was planning an invasion of the former Soviet country began to grow.

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The United States and its allies have threatened Russia to impose harsh sanctions on Ukraine if it attacks Ukraine.

Russia has denied plans to invade Ukraine. However, he is asking the US and NATO for security guarantees, in which he also demands that Ukraine not become part of the Alliance.

In response, the US and NATO allies have intensified talks with Russia in recent weeks and provided military support to Ukraine. The US also delivered a written response to the draft security guarantees to Russia on Wednesday.



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