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Christiane Taubira, in a meeting in Bordeaux, raises more hope than Hidalgo – The HuffPost


POLITICS – “There’s sunshine and Taubira, la la li la la la”. AT Bordeaux, room of the Faïencerie, the crowd presses in front of the entrance from 6:00 p.m. That evening, Thursday January 27, the former Keeper of the Seals Christiane Taubira gave her first public meeting. In front of her, a large proportion of young people.

Christiane Taubira is awaited with applause. The fervor rises, carefully maintained by his campaign team who play the room heaters. “Taubira president!”, we chant between two olas. “I will go where Taubira, my country will be you!”, can be read on signs. For the one who is given poll favorite of the popular primarythe atmosphere is more enthusiastic and the average age is lower than last meeting of its competitor, Anne Hidalgoin Aubervilliers, last Saturday.

Seventy-four days from the first round of the presidential election and three days from the result of the popular primary, there is little doubt about who wins the image war between the two left-wing women, credited with 3.5% (Taubira) and 3 % (Hidalgo), in the latest Ifop-Fiducial survey released on January 26.

“Sitting up”

According to the organizers, 700 people – 100 more than the maximum capacity – were present and some could not enter the room. If 400 of them were able to sit down, for the others, it was necessary to remain standing during the big hour and a half that the meeting lasted. Some were sitting on the floor, while others had taken their places on the bar or on railings.

It was about the same number of people that Anne Hidalgo had gathered a few days earlier in Aubervilliers (93). But in his room with 1,200 seats, his activists looked much more disparate. Also older. And less enthusiastic. It must be said that on Thursday evening Christine Taubira’s young campaign team was able to put her communication skills to good use.

HuffPost/Hortense de Montalivet

Signs at the first meeting of Taubira, in Bordeaux Thursday January 27, 2022.

The youth idol

When the candidate for thepresidential election 2022 declared mid-January arrives, like a young idol, it shakes hands, it hugs, it puts its hand on its heart as it crosses one of the aisles that lead to the desk. “I come to you, I spend hours with you, I peck you, I forage you, I suck you in, I inspire you,” says the former minister. Christiane Taubira plays proximity and she loves it. In public, it works. Some young people already call her “Christiane” and want to get more involved in her campaign. State-of-the-art smartphones are buzzing. In no time, the image of what some see as a hope for the union of the left arrives on Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram.

Going up the crowd on a cleverly orchestrated route, Christiane Taubira is alpaguée. We want to talk to her, take a picture with her. It makes selfies, kisses on the cheek even if it could. Under the objectives of the pack of journalists, the former Keeper of the Seals becomes an alternative for this young audience. For many it is their first meeting. “We came with a group of friends,” Flavie tells us. “I didn’t expect to see so many young people,” says Matteo, who makes political videos on TikTok. “The enthusiasm around her is quite impressive, in fact,” exclaims Olga.

HuffPost/Hortense de Montalivet

Christiane Taubira and a young supporter posing for a selfie after the meeting.

Don’t ask for the program

Some must have come out slightly disappointed, however. Those who wanted to know more about his program, for example, will have to come back. If the ex-minister did not bother with concrete and precise proposals, she on the other hand strongly attacked the balance sheet of Emmanuel Macron. “We don’t have the right to allow 5 more years”, she declaimed from the stage to applause.

In a speech of which she has muscled the social aspect, she evokes in turn the fate of caregivers, students, delivery men, these VTC drivers, single mothers, youth. “It gives hope,” confesses Camille, federal facilitator at the Young Socialists of Gironde. In the room, environmentalists who vote Yannick Jadot, abstainers, former Macronist inserts, some from the far left. A utopian hope for a union of the left persists. “It’s lost in advance, but there are still dreams for three weeks”, admits Bruno.

Two days ago, Jean-Luc Melenchonalso in Bordeaux, had also had the right to the enthusiasm of hundreds of sympathizers too many to enter the room. For now, with 9% of the vote according to the latest Ifop-Fiducial poll, the Insoumis candidate seems the most likely to make a voice heard on the left. Far behind Emmanuel Macron and the right.

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