Tornado hits southern Czech Republic, injuring 100

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Houses were razed to the ground when a tornado hit several towns in the south of the Czech Republic on Thursday evening. At least a hundred people have been injured, according to the aid which is mobilized in the region of Hodonin.

A rare tornado hit the southern part of the Czech Republic on the evening of Thursday, June 24, partially devastating several towns as storms swept through the region, rescue services and the local press reported.

“We estimate that between 100 and 150 people were injured, including children and the elderly,” a spokeswoman for the emergency services, Michaela Bothova, told Czech television.

Interior Minister Jan Hamacek warned that he expected there would be deaths to be deplored, stressing that searches were underway to try to locate people under the debris. “All available aid is mobilized or on its way to the Hodonin region where several towns have been hit by the tornado,” Jan Hamacek wrote on Twitter.

The government is also considering mobilizing the military if necessary, he said. Austrian and Slovak rescue services were expected to lend a hand to their Czech counterparts, according to the latter.

One of the most powerful tornadoes on record

In Hodonin, a town on the border with Slovakia, a retirement home suffered damage. Dozens of injured were admitted to the local hospital as the tornado also overturned a bus, according to the Czech news agency.

On videos circulating on social networks, we could see destroyed buildings, torn trees, as well as fires.

The Czech news agency quoted the mayor of Hrusky as saying that half of this village had been razed by the tornado.

The tornado may have reached F3-F4 levels, a meteorologist said, with winds that can reach between 267 km / h and 322 km / h. It would thus be the most powerful tornado recorded in the modern era of Central Europe.

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