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Coronavirus: More than 14,000 infected (minute by minute) added –


PCR tests revealed more than 957,000 infected with the coronavirus. The Covid-19 pandemic claimed 17,755 lives.

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We follow coronavirus in Slovakia minute by minute:

10:30 SLOVAKIA – The Ministry of Health points out that there are currently about 250 seniors aged 60 and over in the vaccination waiting room. If they want to get financial help for vaccinations, they should be vaccinated by 31 January 2022. The Ministry of Health recommends that they extend the parameters of vaccination to other centers, to be vaccinated without registration or with a doctor.

10:25 WORLD – The Danish government has announced that it will lift most pandemic restrictions next week. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said that from February 1, the Danes will have free access to restaurants, cafes, museums and nightclubs, while the use of drapes will no longer be mandatory.

“We say goodbye to restrictions and welcome the life we ​​have known before,” Frederiksen said. “Denmark will be open from 1 February.”

In contrast, neighboring Sweden, which had behaved benevolently against the coronavirus at the beginning of the pandemic, is tightening measures these days.

The Swedish government extended several restrictions on Thursday coronavirus for another two weeks. With 270,000 new cases confirmed in the country over the past week, the government has ordered the closure of cafes, bars and restaurants at 11pm and called on people to work from home if possible.

10:20 WORLD – In the past 24 hours, tests have confirmed the infection of 19,213 people in Hungary. At this time, 64 patients died of complications caused by covid.

10:18 SLOVAKIA – Overcoming covid can often worsen patients’ chronic diseases. Patients with diabeteswho have to switch from insulin pills.

Miriam Kvostková, the head of the long-term illness department at the Handlova hospital, pointed this out.

“Knowledge about the course of the disease, its development, mutations and, above all, experience with treatment is constantly being updated,” Kvostková said.

10:15 SLOVAKIA – Dental clinics are ready for the omicron variant, they work in an increased hygienic standard. However, patients must be booked not only for preventive check-ups or treatments, but also in the event of an acute condition. This was stated by the President of the Slovak Chamber of Dentists Igor Moravčík.

10:08 SLOVAKIA – Mobile they took away the collection point on the premises of the Nitra hospital. The case happened overnight from Wednesday to Thursday.

“There was a violent intrusion, 30 certificates of passing the antigen test were stolen,” said hospital spokeswoman Tatiana Kubinec.

10:01 SLOVAKIA – PCR tests revealed 14,252 infected yesterday, more than 62 percent of them were not vaccinated. The laboratories tested 32,227 samples.

26,181 antigen assays were also performed. 1,834 people had a positive test, of whom more than 61 percent do not have vaccinations.

30 people succumbed to the coronavirus. The total number of victims rose to 17,755.

There are currently 1,506 people in the hospitals. There are 293 people at JIS and OAIM, 149 people need support for artificial lung ventilation.

Almost 81 percent of those hospitalized are not vaccinated or have only one dose of vaccine.

10:01 SLOVAKIA – So far, 1,437,547 people have received the third dose of the vaccine, a total of 2,649,398 people have received the second dose of the vaccine, and 2,792,799 Slovaks have been vaccinated so far.

9:50 WORLD – A hospital in Boston, USA, has refused to perform a heart transplant on a patient who has not been vaccinated. American television reported.

A spokeswoman for Boston-based Brigham and Women’s Hospital said in a statement that she was “demanding” coronavirus vaccination from organ transplant recipients.

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9:42 SLOVAKIA – Slovakia currently has five thousand hospital beds available for patients with covid-19 with the proviso that, if necessary, the bed stock can be expanded to a total of seven thousand. Zuzana Eliášová, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health, informed about it.

Although the ministry assumes that the fourth wave of the omicron will not be long and should last from two to a maximum of four weeks in hospitals, the ministry is considering other options to expand the inpatient fund, if necessary.

9:40 WORLD – Israel launches fourth-dose vaccine for all adults in one of the risk groups. The booster vaccination is given at least four months after the third dose.

9:18 WORLD – French investigators break up network of vaccine certificate forgers, which reportedly produced up to 62,000 of these fake coronavirus vaccination documents.

An investigation by the Paris Cybercrime Special Forces has detained five people around Poitiers and Lyon, according to French news agency France Info.

Three suspects between the ages of 22 and 29 are accused of illegally obtaining data from 35 doctors and producing false documents about vaccination against coronavirus.

8:50 AM WORLD – Russia has started offering covid-19 vaccine to children aged 12 to 17. It has done so amid the largest influx of infections in the country since the outbreak of a coronavirus pandemic.

8:32 WORLD – 203,136 new cases arrived in Germany yesterdaywhich is the most since the beginning of the pandemic. That’s according to data from the Robert Koch Institute released this morning.

The institute also stated that the seven-day incidence, ie the number of confirmed cases per 100,000 inhabitants, reached 1017.4, which is also a record value. On Wednesday, it was at the level of 940.6.

7:44 WORLD – Moderna has begun clinical trials of its covid vaccine adapted to a new variant of omicron.

The company will study the safety and tolerability of the substance in approximately 600 people with different vaccination regimens.

He will give the experimental vaccine to people who have received either two doses of the parent compound or those who have received a third booster dose. The first participant in the study received the dose on Wednesday, said Moderna.

6:45 WORLD – Italy will lift restrictions on EU passengers from February.

From then on, the team will only need to prove that they have entered the country with a certificate of vaccination, a recent covid test or a negative coronavirus test. However, they will no longer have to undergo preventive quarantine.

6:05 WORLD – Another record in the number of new cases fell in the Czech Republic coronavirus infections. 54,685 new cases were added there yesterday.

There are currently 1,879 patients in hospitals with covid.

0:00 SLOVAKIA – Widespread vaccination of minors with third doses will be introduced by Slovakia on its own, although it has not yet been approved by the European Medicines Agency.

The Ministry of Health will decide on this in the coming days.

“No later than next week. We have to close it by February 1st,” says chief pediatrician Elena Prokopová.

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