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Consumption – Fuels: what will you gain concretely with Jean Castex’s announcements on the mileage scale? – The mountain


After the inflation allowance and the energy check, Jean Castex announced, this Tuesday, January 25, to raise the scale of mileage costs by 10%. “The effect will be quick and direct, from the declaration of income for 2021”, underlined the Prime Minister. Here’s what you need to know so you can make a decision.

The mileage scale, what is it?

In your tax return, your professional expenses are subtracted from your income. If you are an employee, a standard deduction of 10% is automatically applied. It is at least €448 and a maximum of €12,829.

It is nevertheless possible to opt for another system, more advantageous when you use your vehicle a lot in the context of your professional activity or your home-to-work journeys, that of real costs. In this context, two options are possible: keep all your invoices to calculate your costs at the ready euro, or use this famous “mileage scale”.

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Who can claim it?

Anyone using a car or two-wheeler, thermal or electric, can use the mileage scale on their tax return. Each member of the same tax household can choose the calculation which will be the most beneficial to him between the fixed deduction and the mileage scale.

According to the government, of the 39 million tax households in France, 4.3 million had made their declaration in real costs in 2021, of which 2.5 million had paid taxes. The 10% increase in the scale should therefore above all be profitable for these 6.4% of taxable households who use their vehicle a lot for professional purposes.

Good to know

  • Only travel related to professional activity and home-work travel can be deducted, the latter within a limit of 80 km per day (except in special cases to be justified).
  • The mileage scale stops at 7 HP.
  • The amount of mileage costs for electric vehicles is increased by 20%.

Is it still worth it?

Everything will depend on the number of kilometers, the power of the vehicle, but also the declared income. Not to mention that in 2021 many French people spent time teleworking and therefore made fewer home-to-work journeys. To find out what is more interesting for you, compare 10% of your taxable income (the lump sum) and your mileage costs.

What are you going to gain from it?

According to the government, the 10% increase in mileage costs corresponds to an average gain per person already using this device “of around 150 euros less tax per year”.

Some examples

You live alone) and have traveled 4,500 km with your 4 CV thermal vehicle for professional reasons in 2020: your mileage costs amounted to €2,353. With a 10% increase in the scale, this year they will amount to €2,587, which you can deduct from your taxable income.

If your annual taxable income is €24,000, it was more profitable for you to use the 10% deduction last year. On the other hand, it is more interesting to declare your mileage expenses this year (box 1AK of your tax form). You will then pay €998, compared to €1,027 if you use the 10% deduction. That is a gain of €29.

You are married and have a minor child. One of you declares 22,000 € of income and has traveled 25,000 km in the context of his work with a 5 HP thermal car, his mileage costs amount to 10,120 € (compared to 9,200 € last year). The other declares €28,000 per year and uses the flat-rate deduction of 10% because he travels little. You will pay €533 in taxes, compared to €680 last year (and €1,798 without declaring mileage costs), i.e. a gain of €147.

You live alone with two dependent children. Your annual taxable income is €40,000 and you have used a 7 CV electric car to cover 15,000 km. As the mileage costs for electric cars are increased by 20%, when you declared 2021, your mileage costs were €7,681. This year, they will be €8,449. You will pay €167 in taxes, compared to €334 last year. You therefore recover €167.

Myriam Lebret

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Mileage expense simulator (this Wednesday, January 26, it was still based on the scale in force in 2021)

Income tax calculation simulator 2022.

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