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The peak of the whole season is approaching, the Winter Olympics in Beijing are already knocking on the door. Petra Vlhová’s greatest hope for a medal will be at the start of the first race on February 7. Until then, however, she and her team still have many responsibilities to do.

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Petra Vlhová’s team successfully completed the last World Cup event before the Olympics on Tuesday. In Kronplatz, Italy, the Slovak skier took 2nd place in the giant slalom. However, she did not leave for the Olympics immediately afterwards.

Where she is, what the members of her team are still doing, what the whole transport will look like, how many things they take with them and what awaits them, he found out Slovak Skiing Association (ZSL) by Boris Vlh and Matej Gemzu.


“We are still training slalom and giant slalom in Italy. Then we move to Bratislava. We always have all things ready with us, materials, skis, tables, waxes … In Bratislava we will pack for the Olympic and on Sunday afternoon we will fly, ” revealed the next program of brother Petra Vlhová Boris for ZSL.

They will not have straight flights, they will also have one transfer. “We are going from Vienna to Doha and from there to Beijing. Then we have more than an hour’s bus ride. The transport will be for three translations. In Beijing, technical luggage should already go directly to the village, so we will only see it there and only personal belongings at the airport, “ said assistant coach Matej Gemza.

Slovak representative in downhill skiing Petra Vlhová, on the left assistant head coach Matej Gemza and on the right brother Boris Vlha

Source: TASR

Transporting the material will not be easy, as the ski team cannot logically go with just one piece of hand luggage by a low-cost company. “We take around a ton of material. After ten pairs of slalom and giant slalom skis, we take five pairs from the speed disciplines for super-G and downhill. So a total of thirty pairs of skis. Of the ski boots, Peťa has three in the slalom and a ‘turner’, together there will be about six or seven pairs. We have already tested the material, so we will not test it in China.

We pack skis in special bags, they are usually packed in pairs. I don’t know exactly how much it will be now, but we took 32 pieces of luggage to America, about 700 kilograms, now there will be a little more.

We have an aluminum box where the boys pack their things for service. We take two tables for preparing skis and normal luggage, ” offered a detailed view of the contents of the transported material Boris Vlha.

When moving, he really thinks of everything. For example, the skis pack so that they do not have big problems if one of the bags does not reach the finish line. “The skis are placed in the bags so that there is no problem when one or two do not come. Don’t put two racing pairs of skis in one bag, ” Vlha said.


The contents of personal luggage will also be important. Temperatures on the hill in Yanqing, an area 75 kilometers from the center of Beijing, where the ski races will take place, can range up to minus 30 degrees. How are they preparing for it?

“We are preparing mentally. We’ll get more clothes from the Olympic committee. We don’t know exactly what we’re getting into. We are boys mostly from the mountains, we have to survive, ” said Matej Gemza with a smile.

The very winter can also cause problems for skiers, especially when waiting for the start. How to fight it? “It is necessary to move first, to have good clothes. Peta will also use electrically heated gloves or socks. Adhesive tape is applied to the face, which prevents frostbite at that speed, ” Gemza approached.


China adheres strictly to the rules in the fight against coronavirus. Petra Vlhová’s team also felt it. For example, all other participants had to download an application two weeks before arrival, where they fill in their current health status every day and must also have several negative tests.

“Two weeks before arrival, we fill out the application, we give information about our health condition. We must have two negative tests before departure, 24 hours apart. Two tests about ten days before departure. Then we have a test immediately upon arrival and then technical equipment, accreditation, etc. Then we go to the village, where we are locked up and we work there in a bubble, ” said Boris Vlha.

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In the bubble, the Vlhovci work constantly during the World Cups, taking great care not to get any of them infected. Even for strict rules for them, the functioning in China will be basically the same as in any other race of the season.

“We are facing a different Olympics than we have seen before because of the covid and the measures. It will be as if we were in a normal World Cup race. We will not be able to go anywhere, just from the hotel to the hill and back. ”

Boris Vlhu is also sorry that they will be in the same area with bobsledders and sledders. “I was looking forward to going to see the beans, it always fascinated me. But from what I’ve heard, we won’t get anywhere. “

Overall, athletes go into the big unknown, as Matej Gemza himself concluded at the end. “The Olympics in China will be a big surprise for everyone. We’ll see what awaits us there, ” added at the end for the Slovak Skiing Association.

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