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Futsale European Championship: Slovakia – Poland 2: 2 – Š


1/25/2022 10:22 PM

The Slovak futsalists drew in their second match at the European Championships in the Netherlands with Poland 2: 2.

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The Slovak rookie at the championship recorded a historical gain of points and gives a chance to advance to the quarterfinals. He fights in his third basic C-group match on Saturday, January 29 with Croatia in Groningen.

National team coach Marián Berky’s team reacted well to the loss in the first match of the European Championships with Russia 1: 7. They lost the first half the tightest 0: 1, when they collected after a tough shot from Tomasz Kriezel.

In the second twenty minutes, they turned after goals by Matúš Ševčík and Tomáš Drahovský, but they did not maintain a tight lead. At the end of the group, the Russians will meet the Poles. If the favored “choir” is expected to win, the Slovaks will move the win over the Croats to the elimination phase, which will be enough for a draw.


Poland – Slovakia 2: 2 (1: 0)

Goals: 7. Kriezel, 33. Holy – 25. Ševčík, 28. Drahovský

ŽK: Lutecki (POL). Judges: Bugenko (Mold.), Oshikov (Est.), No spectators.

Poland: Kaluža – Kubik, Holy, Solecki, Marek – Madziag, Šmialkowski, Grubalski, Zastawnik, Lutecki, Leszczak, Kriezel, Wojciechowski – Nawrat

Slovakia: Karpiak – Rick, Kozár, Doša, Drahovský – Serbin, Ševčík, Směřička, Zdráhal, Zaťovič, Brunovský, Čeřovský, Ostrák – Oberman

The Slovaks started nervously and allowed the Poles to come under pressure. But they were able to take the lead in the 4th minute, when Ševčík got a good ball to run and just missed the left post of the Polish goal. The Poles were given a chance to change things around. Subsequently, the author of the opening goal hit the side net of the Slovak goal. Then the players of the duel took over the players of the SR, Drahovský hit a tough morning stick in the 9th minute. The Poles knew how to threaten, but he was able to equalize after a mistake in their defense in the 13th minute Směřička, but Kaluža caught him. As expected, it was a tough physical fight, both selections fought valiantly for space, they could no longer shoot through the half-time break.

The second half began with an onslaught of Slovaks. Kaluža destroyed Rick’s shot from a good position and then Rick fired an inaccurate signal again. A few seconds later, Rick didn’t make it in the third chance, when he slipped at the decisive moment. Slovakia pushed and settled in the 25th minute. Zaťovič played a beautiful signal from the car on Ševčík, who only finished in the open goal – 1: 1. It was played on the edge of hardness, both teams wanted to take the key win to their side. And in the 28th minute, the Slovaks hit the goal again, Drahovský got rid of the opponent with a great short bend on the line and overcame Kalužu with an excellent cross shot. The Poles increased their activity and Slovakia also increased its fouls, which they had to be careful about. Karpiak made a superb strike after 33 minutes with a shot straight in front of the goal after a long ball through the middle, but one of the visitors’ defenders got a foot in at the last second and warded it off for a corner. A minute later Drahovský could have scored the second goal, but the defense blocked him. In the dramatic end, Slovakia tried it with long balls, Rick was in a huge chance, but the Polish goalkeeper reset it well again. The Poles called off the goalkeeper in the last minute, pushing hard, but the duel ended in a draw.

Votes after the match:

Marián Berky, coach of the Slovak Republic: “It was a very difficult match for all of us, both players and coaches. It was fought until the last minute. We expected such a difficult match. We said we wanted to win it, unfortunately we did not succeed. But the point is valuable, we are still alive and we are going into more fights We are still in the game of progress If we manage the match with Croatia we will advance We will definitely have to prepare for them to be a little more tactical, they play it slower and they are not so combative We will have to be concentrated and we need increase activity even more and be more runny. ”

Martin Směřička, representative of the Slovak Republic: “The match was good for the spectator’s eye, it was tense until the last second. It’s the first historical point for us. We’re also still in the game to advance from the group. Basically, we got to where we wanted to get. “I think the draw is fair, because we were both lucky and unlucky. I believe that we can also play a historic process with the Croats.”


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