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Russia: vaccination almost compulsory in Moscow as the Covid-19 epidemic rebounds


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Several months after the launch of the vaccination campaign in Russia, only 15% of Muscovites are vaccinated. Faced with the drastic increase in serious Covi-d-19 infections, the authorities of the Russian capital have adopted several measures that are similar to a form of compulsory vaccination. Reportage.

To go to a restaurant in Moscow or be treated in the hospital, you will soon have to show a QR code attesting to your vaccination against Covid-19.

Many employees in the banking, catering, transport and public service sectors will also have to be injected with the vaccine or face heavy fines for employers.

These drastic measures, which are similar to a form of compulsory vaccination, were imposed by the Moscow authorities to encourage the population to be vaccinated.

A report by our correspondents in Moscow Elena Volochine, Niguina Beroeva and Pavel Sergueev.



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