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The match as on a swing did not have a winner after the basic time: In Nitra it was decided only after overtime – Š


Pictured from left are Jozef Baláž (Nitra) and Daniel Brejčák (Poprad) Source: TASR – Henrich Mišovič

NITRA – HK Nitra hockey players defeated HK Poprad 4: 3 after extra time in Tuesday’s overtime of the 20th round of the Tipos extra league. They achieved the sixth victory in a row and consolidated third place in the table.

HK Nitra – HK Poprad 4: 3 pp (0: 0, 1: 2, 2: 1 – 1: 0)

Goals: 32. Bajtek (Mezei, Raskob), 42. Tvrdoň (Bajtek), 48. Buček (Nemec), 65. Nemec (Holešinský, Baláž) – 28. Mešár (Bjalončík), 40. Svitana (Drgoň), 46. Ully (Vandas). Judges: Baluška, Rojík – Gegáň, Orolin, disqualification: 3: 4 for 2 min, power-ups: 1: 1, weakening: 0: 0, 717 spectators.

Nitra: Honzík – Mezei, Š. Nemec, Švarný, Raskob, Rais, Vitáloš, Pánik – Buček, Baláž, Holešinský – A. Sýkora, Rockwood, Hrnka – Tvrdoň, Bajtek, Volko – Molnár, Múčka, Drábek – R. Varga

Poprad: Tomek – D. Brejčák, Drgoň, Dalhuisen, Rymsha, Ulrych, Novajovský, Hudec – Vandas, Arniel, Ully – Svitana, Mlynarovič, D. Bondra – Bjalončík, Mešár, Livingston – N. Bondra, Paločko, Petráš

Already in the 26th second, Baláž was close to scoring, but his shot was stopped by a pole. Arniel had a fantastic opportunity to put Arniel up another goal 4 minutes into the match, but he fired just over the crossbar. Nicholas Bondra, who had on his hockey stick, was still interested in the goal-free period, but the puck in front of Honzík did not hit hard.

In the picture, goal joy
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Source: TASR – Henrich Mišovič

In the middle part, the spectators also scored goals. Poprad was the first to take the lead in the 28th minute thanks to Mešár. Nitrania subsequently had an overpowering game and during and after it they gripped the opponent in the zone for more than three minutes. In the 32nd minute, the “corgoni” took advantage of the equalizing Bajtek’s goal. However, the “chamois” still managed to take back the borrowed ones before leaving the locker room. In the power play, he aimed Svitan nicely and swept the upper corner of Honzík’s goal – 1: 2.

However, less than two minutes of the third period did not pass and Nitra managed to equalize when the puck led Tvrdoň to the axis of the rink. 46 minutes into the match, the visitors put themselves ahead 2 – 3 as Vitáloš finished off an attack from the left with a spectacular scissors kick. This situation did not last long either, and the best league scorer – Buček – prevailed from his favorite parquet.

The winner had to be decided by extra time. First, the home goalkeeper Honzík caught Mešár’s tut, which was immediately punished by Nitra. Šimon Nemec broke the goal curse with the first goal of the season.

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