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Painful and sorry. Goggio spoke after the fall, will she make it to the Olympics? –


Soffia Goggio survived another unpleasant déjà vu after a year. Both are linked to Italy’s most famous downhill skiing resort in Cortina d’Ampezzo.

01/24/2022 06:17


Sofia Goggio after falling in super G.

“I have no tears after thirty hours of crying. But there is still unbearable pain and sadness inside. My heart is screaming. “

With these words, Goggio described her feelings a year ago. On social networks, on February 2, 2021, she commented on the fall in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which deprived her of the World Championships in Cortina.

The Italian did not fall on the slope at the time, but next to him. Shortly after the organizers canceled the super G in Ga-Pa, she went down to the finish line. The unfortunate fall meant the premature end of the season.

She fell much worse in Cortina on Sunday. She didn’t manage her speed or the outer ski, she made the line and the physics finally threw her into the air by hitting her head on the piste and framing one of the gates of the super-giant slalom.

sofia goggio Read more Commentators shouted. The wet opponent broke her leg when falling

Italian commentators shuddered, suspecting that their greatest Olympic medal hope was in trouble.

Although the 29-year-old Goggio went to the finish line on her own, she immediately traveled to Milan for examinations. Puma from Bergamo, as Goggio’s nickname sounds, heard the best news at the clinic.

“Investigations revealed damage to the anterior cruciate ligament in her left knee, which she had operated on in 2013. In addition, she suffered a fracture in her tibia,” the Italian media reported.

Goggio knows what it’s like to chase her opponents and precious time. On the track even when he is lying in bed and rehabilitating.

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Already today, the first exercises should start one of the most important races with relentless time. With February 15 on the calendar, when the Olympic Congress in Beijing is on the program.

“I will start rehabilitation in the next few hours. We will try to prepare and defend gold in the discipline I love the most.

I’m sorry because it came at a very important time of the season, “Goggio said after the examinations.

Her prognosis for recovery is favorable so far. A three-week break from the competition and the bulldogs, the nature of the Italian sovereign in speed disciplines suggests that she will actually travel to Beijing.

Will Goggio’s next nightmare end in Beijing’s happy ending?

Marta Bassinová destroyed last season ...

Name: Katharina Liensbergerová Country: ...

Petra Vlhová and her program in the season 2021/22

Date of the event Place and discipline Location of Vlhovova
October 23 Sölden – a huge slalom 3rd place
November 13 Lech Zürs – parallel slalom did not start
November 20 Levi – slalom 1st place
November 21 Levi – slalom 1st place
November 27 Killington – giant slalom canceled
November 28 Killington – slalom 2nd place
December 3 Lake Louise – downhill did not start
December 4 Lake Louise – downhill did not start
December 5 Lake Louise – super G did not start
December 11 St. Moritz – super G did not start
December 12 St. Moritz – super G did not start
December 18 Val d´Isere – exit did not start
December 19 Val d´Isere – super G did not start
December 21 Courchevel – giant slalom 4th place
December 22 Courchevel – giant slalom 5th place
December 28 Lienz – giant slalom 2nd place
December 29 Lienz – slalom 1st place
January 4 Zagreb – slalom 1st place
January 8 Kranjska Gora – giant slalom 15th place
January 9 Kranjska Gora – slalom 1st place
January 11 Schladming – slalom 2nd place
January 15 Zauchensee – exit 26th place
January 16 Zauchensee – super G 18th place
January 22 Cortina d’Ampezzo – exit did not start
January 23 Cortina d’Ampezzo – super G did not start
January 25 Kronplatz – giant slalom
January 29 Garmisch Partenkirchen – downhill
January 30 Garmisch Partenkirchen – super G
February 7 Beijing Olympics – a huge slalom
February 9 Beijing Olympics – slalom
February 11 Olympic Games in Beijing – super G
February 15 Olympic Games in Beijing – Congress
February 17 Beijing Olympic Games – combination
February 19 Beijing Olympics – team competition
February 26 Crans Montana – exit
February 27 Crans Montana – exit
March 5 Lenzerheide – super G
March 6 Lenzerheide – giant slalom
March 11 Are – a huge slalom
March 12 Are – slalom
March 16 SP final in Courchevel – downhill
March 17 SP final in Courchevel – super G
March 18 SP final in Courchevel – team competition
March 19 SP final in Courchevel – slalom
March 20 SP final in Courchevel – huge slalom

Overall World Cup standings (after 23 of 37 competitions): 1. Mikaela Shiffrin (USA) 981, 2. Petra VLHOVÁ (SR) 929, 3. Sofia Goggio (ITA) 769, 4. Brignone 609, 5. Sara Hector (Sweden) 582, 6. Ramona Siebenhofer (Rak.). ) 533

Slalom standings (5 of 9): 1. VLHOVÁ 580 points, 2. Shiffrinová 340, 3. Holdenerová 321, 4. Liensbergerová (AUT) 262, 5. Dürrová (DEU) 252, 6. Gisinová (CHE) 187

The order in FIG. slalom (after 5 of 9 races): 1. Hector 362, 2. Shiffrin 316, 3. Worley 307, 4. VLHOVA 251, 5. Bassin 160, 6. Siebenhofer (AUT) 130

Super-G ranking (5 of 9): 1. Brignone 377, 2. Curtonio 348, 3. Goggio 332, 4. Lara Gut-Behramio (CHE) 226, 5. Shiffrin 220, 6. Mowinckelova 208,… 43. VLHOVA 13

Congress ranking (5 of 9): 1. Goggio 400, 2. Siebenhofer 264, 3. Breezy Johnson (USA) 240,…, 40. VLHOVÁ 5

Order of parallel competitions (1): 1. Slokarová 100, 2. Stjernesundová 80, 3. Lysdahlová 60, 4. Bassinová (ITA) 50, 5. Hectorová 45, 6. Monsenová (NOR) 40

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