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DIRECT. Monfils – Berrettini: the Frenchman pockets the 3rd set and revives, the quarter … –


MONFILS-BERRETTINI. This quarter-final is not over yet. The French won the third round and forced Matteo Berrettini to play, at least, a fourth set.

13:45 – Break confirmed

It is unrolling. Gaël Monfils confirms his break with a perfectly mastered game, without shaking. Four games to two in this fourth set of Monfils – Berrettini.

13:42 – Break for Monfils!

The French takes, again, the service of the Italian. This is the first time in this set that Gaël Monfils has passed. He perfectly mastered the exchanges from the baseline in this game. He will serve, in a few moments, to confirm his break.

13:36 – Monfils rolls out

Things are going well for the Frenchman in this start of the fourth round of Monfils – Berrettini. Gaël Monfils wins, once again, his service game without shaking and returns very quickly to match his opponent.

13:33 – Berrettini returns to the front

Expedited service game for Italian. Matteo Berrettini quietly won his face-off and continued to lead in this fourth round against Gaël Monfils. The Italian seems to be regaining his efficiency on serve.

13:29 – Monfils returns to height

Gaël Monfils also won his service game at the start of the fourth set. He returns directly to his opponent in this Monfils – Berrettini. The Italian has been committing more faults since halfway through the third set.

13:26 – Berrettini takes the lead

The Italian won his face-off in this fourth set by saving a break point. For the first time in this Monfils – Berrettini, he will start a round in the lead but Gaël Monfils hits harder and poses more and more difficulties for his opponent.

1:20 p.m. – Matteo Berrettini called the physiotherapist

It was short-lived but the Italian called the physiotherapist and spoke with him for a few seconds. The fourth set will start in this Monfils – Berrettini.

13:16 – Done!

The Frenchman returns to two sets to one in this Monfils – Berrettini. Gaël Monfils has fully grasped his service game by concluding on a white game and revives completely in his quarter-final of the Australian Open. The fourth set is to follow.

13:13 – Berrettini forces Monfils to serve to win the set

The Italian won his service game and will force Gaël Monfils to serve to win this third set. The pressure is on the Frenchman’s shoulders.

13:10 – Break confirmed for Monfils

The Frenchman does not procrastinate. He confirms his break in a perfectly mastered white game. Monfils is getting closer to winning the third round and coming back to within a length of his opponent in this Monfils – Berrettini.

13:07 – Break for Monfils!

The French takes, for the first time of this Monfils – Berrrettini, the stake of the Italian. Gaël Monfils will have to confirm his break in this third round. The seventh break point of the game was therefore the right one for the Frenchman.

13:02 – Monfils continues to lead the race in this set

The Frenchman, imperial, on his face-off remains in the lead in this third round. He won a shutout and will try to take his opponent’s service game.

12:59 – Berrettini, solid, saves a break point

The Italian did not shake in this service game when Monfils had taken the lead from the start. Matteo Berrettini recovers against the French despite a break point against him. Gaël Monfils expresses more and more his frustration in this Monfils – Berrettini.

12:52 – Monfils hangs on

Despite a service game more complicated than the first in this third round, Gaël Monfils remains in front in this third set thanks to three break points saved. The French clings in this Monfils – Berrettini.

12:46 – Berrettini also wins his service game

The Italian’s response is clear at the start of the third round. He also won his service game despite the fighting spirit of Monfils. The Frenchman runs a lot in this Monfils – Berrettini and seems to suffer physically.


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