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After the birth of the baby, the end of the demonstration relationship. The beautiful actress was shocked by the sad news –


Although the beautiful actress guards her privacy, she nevertheless informs the fans about important events, whether in her personal or career life. She also confirmed the sad news to foreign media.

The name of the beautiful actress suggests that Emma had it a little easier in the show business. She is an niece iconic Julie Roberts, a famous actress who became famous especially for her films Pretty Woman, The Second or First or Notting Hill. Although Emma is the daughter of Julia’s brother Eric, it is a clear indication that strong genes have not been denied in this family.

From an early age, Julia appeared on television screens, and it can be said that this world has attracted her since time immemorial. Although it cannot be said that she is a huge acting ace, like her famous aunt, she undoubtedly has talent – and that is why she is one of the most popular actresses. Hollywood. Undoubtedly, her beauty also contributes to this – and especially the iconic smile, which she has the same with Julia.

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She wanted to keep her privacy

By growing up in a famous setting, she realized that she had to pay attention to her privacy – if she wanted to live a normal, normal life. That’s why she hid her relationship with musician Garrett Hedlund. “Growing up is hard. Sometimes I was sad that I couldn’t have a private moment, ” revealed to Cosmopolitan magazine. Social networks and her every move evoked responses, gossip and misconceptions about them that she could not influence. Eventually, however, she found a way – and what she experienced with Garrett remained private.

The couple started dating together in 2019 and it seemed to be serious from the first moment. As soon as the pandemic occurred, they announced a beautiful news together – that they would become parents. In December 2020, they welcomed Rhodes’ little son to the world, and they seemed to be lucky. Just a few weeks ago, however, they decided to sell their lavish mansion, and there was speculation that it was squeaking between the couple.

That’s how it finally happened. Only recently have they both confirmed that their relationship is over – and despite their common son, their paths are parting. “Having a baby together during a pandemic is much harder than they both imagined, but they are trying to figure out a way to be the best parents possible.” revealed a source from around the couple for People magazine.

According to media reports, the couple will not return. “It’s sad, but they’re both trying to be involved in education.” added the source.

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