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The case of Lučanský’s death is far from being investigated: they were doing another reconstruction in Prešov, Žilinka also came! – Tops


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One commission has already investigated the circumstances

Lučanský lost his life at the end of 2020 after he was to attempt suicide at the aforementioned Constitution. He was remanded in custody for corruption. After Lučanský’s death, an independent commission was even set up to investigate the circumstances that led to this act. It also included politicians from parliament.

In the end, the Commission did not find any doubts, but the investigation is ongoing

In the end, the Commission did not find any facts that would call into question the official version. The point is that Lučanský’s death was due to his suicide attempt. However, the case is far from closed and this was also confirmed by Attorney General Maroš Žilinka, who today took part in the reconstruction of the entire case in Prešov.

“The purpose of the reconstruction is to obtain the most accurate idea and comprehensive picture of the course of events and its partial facts in all contexts on the spot, based on the facts found during extensive evidence from testimonies, documentary and factual evidence or numerous expert opinions.” explains Žilinka.

However, Žilinka fears that the question of why this tragedy probably will remain unanswered forever.

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Source: Facebook / Maroš Žilinka – General Prosecutor of the Slovak Republic

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