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Covid-19: nine million people risk losing their vaccination pass on February 15, Olivier Véra alert – franceinfo


On this date, the period for carrying out this booster dose will be reduced to four months (compared to seven previously) after the last injection.

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Nine million French people could lose their vaccination pass on February 15 if they have not taken their booster dose by then, warned Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health, Tuesday January 25, on LCI. On this date, the time to perform the booster dose will be reduced to four months (compared to seven previously) after the last injection. “Go make an appointment, there are millions of slots available, don’t wait until the last moment”, he advised.

The vaccination pass will be maintained “as long as there is a threat to hospitals”, which still had 3,776 patients in intensive care on Monday evening, a figure that has fallen very slightly in recent days. For a waiver of the vaccination pass, the figures for hospitalizations (including resuscitation) must be “compatible with normal operation of hospitals”, without rescheduling operations as is currently the case, said Olivier Véran.

“We are crushing the Delta wave (…) but the Omicron wave is still very active. We have not passed the peak yet, even if it is the case in certain regions, such as -de-France. It’s a matter of a few days.”

Olivier Véran, Minister of Health

on LCI

On the Omicron sub-variant called “BA.2”, the Minister of Health was reassuring: based on the first feedback from Denmark, where it would have become the majority, “it is no more dangerous than Omicron, but just as contagious” and “this does not change anything on the impact of vaccination”. “What the Danes tell us is that it is exactly the same, with one difference, it is that we could potentially re-contaminate ourselves with BA.2 even when we have already been contaminated with Omicron. This could give it a competitive advantage.”, he pointed out.

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