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VIDEO Frustrated Biden lost his temper: He vulgarly told the journalist on the press, the cameras were still running –


The White House did not comment, the journalist later said that the president had personally telephoned him after the incident. The president’s vulgar remark came as reporters shouted questions as they left the White House room after a competition council meeting, CNN said.

Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy asked Biden: “Do you think inflation is a political burden before the ongoing elections?”

WARNING: The video contains vulgarism

“That’s a big benefit – higher inflation,” the sarcastic president muttered, adding: “That’s stupid with ** in son.”

Biden called the journalist

Doocy later said that he did not hear the president himself, his words were interpreted by his colleagues. According to him, Biden called him about an hour later and said: “It’s nothing personal, buddy.” Asked if the head of state apologized, Doocy said the White House chief had “cleaned the air.” “And I appreciate it. It was a nice phone call,” described the reporter.

Fox News is generally Republican in favor, and Doocy, according to CBS News, is known for his militant approach to White House press conferences, where he often pressures Biden’s spokeswoman Len Psaki and the Democratic president on issues such as inflation, immigration and crime. He wants to continue asking unexpected questions, which he said to Biden. He allegedly responded positively.

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Source: SITA / Drew Angerer / Pool via AP

This is not the first time this has happened, the president is frustrated

According to CNN, the US president has been frustrated with difficult issues in recent days. The reason is two major crises that his administration is currently facing: solving inflation and the tense situation around Ukraine, the station said. For example, when asked by another Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich, why he is waiting for the first step of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the situation around Ukraine, he answered quietly: “What a stupid question.”

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