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We will see her more again: Dominika Cibulková has accepted a big challenge, and she is not the only one who will come out of her comfort zone –


“It’s a big challenge I’m looking forward to because you know I’m a big fighter,” says Dominika. After we can no longer see her on the courts as a Slovak sportswoman, we will now see her again. But in a different position, are you looking forward to it?

The favorite show is back

Dominika Navara Cibulková she has not been very involved in any television projects or other competitions since she finished tennis and retired. However, she let herself be persuaded by a dance show, which comes back to the screens after 5 years. The ex tennis player will dance in Let’s Dance. She also decided to announce this newspaper to her fans on her Instagram, where she wrote.

“Hello friends. I have a little surprise for you, a few weeks ago I accepted an offer from Markíza TV to take part in the Let’s Dance competition, which will take place after 5 years. It’s a big challenge that I’m looking forward to because you know I’m a big fighter and I like challenges. I honestly admit that I never danced or had this ambition, but when I saw the team of people working on this show, I didn’t hesitate. So POME to it, I’m looking forward to you and I believe we will have a lot of fun. “

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Dominika Navara Cibulková will compete in Let’s Dance

Source: Instagram: domicibulkova

We already know the jury and the moderator

On the Instagram profile of the dance competition, the creators commented on Dominika’s participation in the competition: “We are very pleased that Dominica has accepted the offer to perform on our grand show. Everyone knows her successful work on the tennis court. Now he will have the opportunity to show how he can turn on the dance floor and at the same time fight for the title of his queen. ”

Dominika is so far the first competitor to officially reveal that she will compete. Diary New time informs today that the jury will be Adela Vincze and her husband Viktor Vincze will take on the role of moderator. The latest series Let’s Dance will be under the thumb of the director and creative producer Pepe Majeský, who is also behind the successful Superstar series or the show Your face sounds familiar.

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Viktor Vincze, Adela Vincze, OTO 2018, OTO 2020

Source: Profimedia

Who has appeared in the competition in recent years?

Let’s Dance is announcing a grand return and we will see it on the screens soon. The expected date is the end of February. Do you still remember the show from the past? It is thanks to this competition that we get to know Katka Jakeš, Ivana Gáborík (Surovcová) and many other faces already known today.

In the past, Nela Pocisková, Zuzana Fialová, Emma Drobná, Mariana Ďurianová, Evelyn, Karin Haydu, Jana Hospodárová and even Iveta Bartošová also competed in Let’s Dance. This competition is known all over the world, and in each country, several star faces have taken on the dance challenge, even to the surprise of how the dancers excelled.

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Karin Haydu, Ivana Surovcova, Peter Marcin in the Let’s Dance competition in 2011

Source: Profimedia

Dominica is not only brave in her life choices, but also in fashion. Check out some of her extravagant pieces in the gallery, for which she received considerable criticism in addition to praise:

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