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WE ARE GROWING: More than 8,000 more infected. Hundreds of classes are quarantined, the pandemic has almost irreparably eroded education – Startitup


The total number of people vaccinated with the first dose of the vaccine is 2,790,172, with 1,582 vaccinated the previous day. Informs NCZI.

In Slovakia, 8,120 positive people were tested in the past day in the form of RT-PCR tests. The total number of completed laboratory PCR tests so far is 5,405,421, with 929,541 people tested positive.

1,499 patients are hospitalized in hospitals. The number of confirmed deaths from the pulmonary form of COVID-19 increased by 23 cases. The total number of deaths is 17,698.

Irreparable losses to children?

School closures due to a coronavirus pandemic “In an almost irreparable way” shattered the process of educating children around the world, he said UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

According to him, more than 616 million pupils and students are still affected by the partial closure of schools. In addition to depriving millions of children of the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge and practical skills in many countries, interrupting the teaching process has had an impact on pupils’ mental health and put them at greater risk of abuse.

It also prevented many from accessing one “Regular source of nutrition”added UNICEF. “Quite simply, we are witnessing almost irreparable losses in teaching children,” UNICEF Director of Education Robert Jenkins said in a statement drafted almost two years after the pandemic began.

source: TASR / Ján Krošlák

He stressed that reopening schools was not enough, and called for strong support for the resumption of lost education. “Learning losses due to school closures have meant that up to 70% of ten-year-olds may not be able to read or understand a simple text.” warned the UN Children’s Fund.

By comparison, before the pandemic, this number was 53% in low- and middle-income countries. In Ethiopia, for example, children have learned only 30-40% of the mathematics they would learn in a normal primary school year. schoolestimates UNICEF.

Covid closes classes

The Bratislava Regional Public Health Office informs that in the 3rd calendar week it registers 230 quarantined classes in the Bratislava Region, namely: 39 classes in kindergartens, 158 classes in primary schools, 33 classes in secondary schools. In five schools, the educational process of the entire school was interrupted (this concerns 4 kindergartens and 1 secondary school).

In Trenčín, 37 classes in primary schools under the founding authority of the city are currently in quarantine. Trenčín spokeswoman Erika Ságová informed about it. She added that there are eight classes in quarantine kindergartens in Trenčín.

Due to Covid, 57 classes in secondary schools were quarantined last week and in the founding activities of the Košice self-governing region. “Thus, a total of 1,399 high school students at county schools found themselves in distance teaching due to quarantine.“Said Anna Terezková, spokeswoman of the KSK chairman, for TASR.

Number of positive for the disease COVID-19 in the district of Stará Ľubovňa is already starting to rise. Last week, tests revealed a total of 459 positives, compared to 215 the previous week. Of these, 36.6 percent are children under 18 years of age.

Also in this age group, the Regional Office of Public Health (RÚVZ) in Stará Ľubovňa records an increase of 119 cases compared to the previous week. The regional hygienist Mária Mancalová informed the SITA agency about this.

Almost thirty classes were closed in the district to spread the coronavirus, which is almost once as many as a week earlier. “As of January 24, we are recording an interrupted educational process in the Stará Ľubovňa district with a transition to distance education in 16 classes of eleven primary schools and in five classes of three secondary schools. We also record the interrupted educational process in eight classes of six kindergartens, “ Mancalová approached.

Sources: NCZI, MZSR,, SITA, TASR, UNICEFRegional Office of Public Health Bratislava

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