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Skiing – Petra Vlhová today – giant slalom preview (Kronplatz) – Š


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The last check before the five-lap race awaits Petra Vlhová. Tuesday’s huge slalom in Kronplatz, Italy, will start first at 10:30, the second round is scheduled for 13:30.

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ONLINE: Petra Vlhová is fighting today in the 1st round of the giant slalom in Kronplatz

The Slovak skier has a big challenge ahead of her in the form of the difficult Erta slope. It is famous for its high demands, whether for the length of the track or its variable inclinations. The maximum has up to 61 percent and is located in the middle passage. In addition to strength and speed, considerable technical skill with attention to detail is required on the icy slope.

He knows his stuff Mikaela Shiffrin, which failed in Kronplatz for the first years. The American, who managed to dominate the overall ranking of the World Cup more than once, could not find a way to the podium in the Italian center.

The hill bothered her so much that she decided to dedicate a substantial part of her Christmas holidays to it in 2018, during which she became acquainted in detail with his plans. Her reward was a golden bar and the first overall triumph in Italy in the “giant”. But even after the coveted victory, she was respected against the slope. “This is probably the hardest slope we ski on,” admitted after the race for US Ski & Snowboard.

Mikaela Shiffrin is looking forward to the triumph in the giant slalom in Kronplatz, Italy

Source: TASR / AP

Although she finished just behind the podium last year, she can once again claim a place among the fastest three this season. At the same time, in Kronplatz, she will try to return to the leading position in the evaluation of the huge slalom, which she claimed. Sara Hector. The Swede is living the dream season and with her performances she is one of the biggest favorites to win a medal in Beijing.

In the duel on the piste, Erta will be at a minor disadvantage compared to Shiffrin, so far she has not managed to conquer the Italian slope from the position of the best. She may also suffer from a level of technology that does not reach the level of her biggest competitor. In addition, the American can also benefit from the profile of the track, which will be built by her coach Mike Day, in the second round.

Kronplatz twins Marta and Tessa

Italians can look forward to the advantage of the home environment Federica Brignone a Marta Bassinováwhich regularly end up on the podium in Kronplatz. While the last holder of the small globe for the “giant” is slowly getting a taste of last season’s results, Brignone is doing much more in the super-G and has been waiting for more significant success in the giant slalom for over a year.

France will also attack the top five Tessa Worley, which has repeatedly proven that its technically demanding hill sits. Together with Bassin, they recorded the largest number of stages in Kronplatz, winning three of the four and always finishing together on the podium.

In addition to Vlhová, the Austrian will also fight for the top position Katharina Liensberger, which believes its fourth place in Sölden was a minor harbinger of impending success. The New Zealander will also want to surprise Alice Robinson, Switzerland Michelle Gisin, Polish Maryna GasienicováDanielová, Slovenian Meta Hrovatová or Norwegians who have already succeeded in the past and, in addition, the first round will be built by their coach.

Results of the giant slalom in Kronplatz (last four races):


1. Tessa Worley 2. Lara Gutova-Brehrami 3. Marta Bassinova


1. Mikaela Shiffrin 2. Tessa Worley 3. Marta Bassin


1. Viktoria Rebensburg 2. Ragnhild Mowincke 3. Federica Brignone


1. Federica Brignone 2. Tessa Worley 3. Marta Bassinová

Petra Vlhová’s results in the giant slalom in Kronplatz:

2021 – 12th place

2019 – 4th place

2018 – 23rd place

2017 – 24th place

Results in the giant slalom SP 2022:

Kranjska Gora

1. Sara Hectorová 2. Tessa Worleyová 3. Marta Bassinová


1. Tessa Worley 2. Petra Vlhová 3. Sara Hector


1. Sara Hectorová 2. Mikaela Shiffrinová 3. Marta Bassinová


1. Mikaela Shiffrin 2. Sara Hector 3. Michelle Gisin


1. Mikaela Shiffrin 2. Lara Gutova-Behrami 3. Petra Vlhová

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Mikaela Shiffrin found herself in a difficult situation:

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