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The crisis has cut off another energy company: After Slovakia Energy, another operator also fell, a challenge for customers! –


Open confession to customers: We have not managed the crisis

At the same time, the Twinlogy makes no fuss about its end and admits the reason for the end on the web and admits defeat due to the crisis. They have already lost the possibility of gas distribution and they will probably only lose electricity. “We would like to inform you that despite our enormous efforts, we at TWINLOGY sro have not managed the crisis on the energy market. it is written on web Twinlogy.

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Unclear procedure

Many have only the “recent memory” of the end and collapse of Slovakia Energy (a subsidiary of the Czech Bohemia Energy, ed. Note), where the remaining clients passed within the institute of supplier of last resort to the Slovak gas industry, Západoslovenská energetika, Stredoslovenská energetika and Východoslovenská energetika . In this style, they got the same tariffs. So they should not pay any more for electricity and gas.

The crisis has cut off another company

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Enter into a new contract as soon as possible, the company appeals

At the same time, the customer twinning assures that the energy supply will be provided to them by the supplier of last resort (DPI) for a maximum of three months after the end of their activity on the energy market. “Please and we appeal – enter into a new supply contract with DPI or another supplier as soon as possible. This will avoid increased prices during the duration of DPI,” adds Twinlogy. “We are extremely sorry for the situation and we would like to thank you for the trust you have shown in all these years.” concluded.

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