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EXTRAORDINARY: The US puts 8,500 troops in Ukraine on high alert – Startitup


Startitup has updated the headline.

The United States is united with its European allies on Russia’s threat to Ukraine.

After a video discussion with European leaders, US President Joe Biden announced this Monday night, writes the AFP agency.

We had a very good meeting“Biden said after an 80-minute video conference, saying that there was aabsolute unity“. After talks on Monday, the office of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that “leaders agreed on the importance of international unity in view of the growing Russian threat“.

The US puts 8,500 troops on alert

According to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, it is up to Russia tothe voltage escalate“. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned against “serious consequences“If”any further aggression“Moscow v. Ukraine. Leaders of NATO, France, Italy, Poland and the European Union also took part in the video call.

source: SITA / AP, Susan Walsh

The United States also announced on Monday thatincreased alert“They state 8,500 of their soldiers for the situation in Ukraine. Washington warned that Russia “is not currently planning a de-escalation“Situation.

According to the US Department of Defense, however, the possible deployment of these troops will occur only if NATO decides to activate the so-called rapid reaction force, or if the situation on the Ukrainian border, where Russian troops are gathering, changes.

The US by deploying troops toincreased alert“They want to reassure their allies.” According to US Defense Department spokesman John Kirby, Washington does not plan to deploy these troops to Ukraine.

Tensions between Russia and the Western bloc countries have increased in recent weeks over the transfer of Russian troops to Ukraine’s borders. However, Moscow rejects any claims about planning an invasion of Ukraine.

The Czech government plans to approve the supply of ammunition to Ukraine

The Czech government plans to approve the supply of ammunition to Ukraine. This was stated by Prime Minister Petr Fiala for the news portal The Czech Republic’s intention to donate artillery ammunition to Ukraine has already been announced by Minister of Defense Jana Černochová.

“We are communicating with the Ukrainian side and the whole thing will be continuously monitored and evaluated by the crisis staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Further steps will be taken if necessary. “ said Fiala.

Černochová stated at a joint press briefing with Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský that the Czech Republic wants to supply 152 mm artillery ammunition and that it would be a gift. He wants to make deliveries as soon as possible. In the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine, the Czech Republic is ready to support sanctions against Moscow.

Prague is also not going to evacuate its citizens and diplomats from Ukraine yet. “We are ready to take the necessary steps to protect our employees and citizens of the Czech Republic who are in Ukraine. To this end, we are calling a crisis staff on Tuesday. The working group is already meeting every day on the situation in Ukraine. “ spoke in favor of Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Lenka Do.

The British are withdrawing part of the staff from the embassy in Kiev

In connection with the threat of a Russian invasion, the United Kingdom began withdrawing staff from the embassy in Kiev, Ukraine. The BBC news portal informs about it.

Although the authorities reportedly noted no specific threats against British diplomats, about half of the staff working in Kiev will return to Britain.

The United States has already taken similar steps, saying that the invasion can come “at any time”, but European Union staff remain in place.

The BBC notes that the actions of both countries appear to be preventive and that nothing has happened in the past 24 hours that could cause these decisions.

Staff at the European Union’s embassies will remain in place, European Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said, adding that he did not want to “dramatize” the tension.

Sources: TASR, SITA

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