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Coronavirus: Czech Republic surpasses 30,000 new cases (minute by minute) –


25. jan 2022 at 0:08 I Updated at 10:12

PCR tests revealed more than 929,000 infected with the coronavirus. The Covid-19 pandemic claimed 17,698 lives.

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We follow coronavirus in Slovakia minute by minute:

10:10 WORLD There were 9717 infected people in Hungary, 74 patients with covid died.

The daily increase in infected people increased by 40 percent during the week.

10:00 SLOVAKIA PCR tests revealed 8,120 new cases, 23 victims of covid were added.

The laboratories performed 23,507 PCR tests. 1,499 patients are hospitalized in hospitals.

The number of confirmed victims per covid increased by 23 people. The total number of deaths is 17,698.

9:35 SLOVAKIA Bakers are afraid of sudden staff shortages, pointing out possible food supply problems.

We believe that the agricultural sector has not neglected the preparation for preventing a possible humanitarian crisis. It is necessary to realize that the Slovak food industry has a much higher need for employees than its counterparts in Western countries, where production is more automated. Given the critical predictions of the development of the wave omicron, there is a risk of real shortfalls in food supply in hospitals, social services homes and other key parts of the state, “said Milan Lapšanský, chairman of the union’s board of directors.

7:35 WORLD The Czech Republic reports more than 30,000 new cases. On Monday, 30,350 newly infected and 3,195 people survived the reinfection. Last week, there were 20,293 newly infected and 1,976 reinfections. The seven-day incidence climbed to 1,585.

The number of hospitalized patients with covid has also increased. Their number has been declining over the past six days, but has risen sharply on Monday.

Almost 1,700 people are currently hospitalized with the covid, which is 150 more than the day before. There are 207 people infected with covid in a serious condition in the hospital.

6:48 WORLD More than two dozen infected coronavirus today announced an Australian Navy ship sailing with humanitarian aid to the Tonga Archipelago.

The Pacific state, which has been hit by a massive volcanic eruption and subsequent tsunami, is not registering any cases of coronavirus infection.

The Tongan authorities have called for all transfers of aid to be contactless, thus minimizing the risk of introducing the disease.

6:20 WORLD Tens of thousands of people protested on Monday night in several German cities against epidemiological restrictions or compulsory vaccination. In parallel with these protests, several anti-destructions or reverential memories of the victims of the pandemic took place.

0:01 SLOVAKIA – From today, shortened insulation applies for people who have tested positive for coronavirus.

So far, positive testers have had to stay at home for ten days. From today, they will only be in isolation for five days – whether or not they are vaccinated and have overcome the covid.

For the next five days, they will have to strictly wear the FFP2 respirator in public without an exhalation valve.

Isolation will end after five days only if they have not had the symptoms of covid in the last 24 hours that would prevent them from working.

Measures valid from 19 January 2022
Measures valid from 19 January 2022 (source: SME / DC)

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