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COVID. The coronavirus in France kills dozens every day and millions of infected every week. The figures seem to show a stabilization of the Covid epidemic, the scenario feared by the health authorities.

09:10 – “The virus does not circulate more easily among the French”

France appears among the five countries most affected by the Covid-19 epidemic but on LCI Olivier Véran wanted to reassure: “The virus does not circulate more easily among the French”. He explains that it is the maintenance of certain freedoms that is more important in France than in neighboring countries that creates this impression: “We have chosen to favor freedom of movement for the French (…) where several countries around have adopted tougher measures. […] The health situation in France is not degraded compared to that of the neighbors who made these choices”, he affirms.

09:02 – 60 cases due to the BA.2 variant detected in France

What about the BA.2 variant in France? 60 cases due to this new mutation have been detected according to Olivier Véran but it remains very difficult to distinguish BA.2 from Omicron. “It has the color, the smell, the taste of Omicron but it’s not exactly Omicron. […] Human cells may not recognize this variant even though they have already been exposed to Omicron, this does not change the impact of vaccination”, indicated the Minister of Health. BA.2 contamination could be more numerous in the coming weeks, the minister therefore remains on his guard but does not show any signs of concern: “We know that it is as contagious as Omicron and we do not yet have enough perspective to know its dangerousness “.

08:56 – Will a 4th dose of vaccine be necessary?

“If a 4th injection can protect the most fragile vis-à-vis the risk of serious forms, we will do it”. The hypothesis of having to return a fourth time to the vaccination centers cannot be ruled out. The Minister of Health, however, was not categorical on LCI: “If on the other hand it is not necessary, we will not do it”. The government intends to rely on future scientific studies but also on the evolution of the epidemic to make its decision. “We must face a threat to the health of the French which justifies vaccinating, if there is one we will do it very naturally, without hiding behind our little finger, we have never done it”, added Olivier Véran.

08:39 – Olivier Véran: “Our hospitals have held up”

“During this wave, like the previous ones, we came close to 4,000 patients in intensive care, but we were never short of intensive care places, even if it was necessary to deprogram,” said the minister, considering that an improvement is indeed looming: “Our hospitals have still held out,” he said on LCI.

08:35 – Olivier Véran evokes the hypothesis of a “high plateau”

The Minister of Health, invited this Tuesday morning from LCI, gave information on the epidemic situation in France: We are not on the other side of the wave, we have not passed the peak even if in certain regions it’s already the case. […] In other regions, it is a matter of a few days. In a few days we will reach the peak of Omicron, or a high plateau”. Olivier Véran was optimistic, and considers that the government did not rush to announce the lifting of restrictions, despite a very important circulation of the virus: “We are in the process of crushing this variant”, he declared. “We have chosen to favor the freedom of movement of the French, where several countries around us have adopted harsher measures”, said he assumed, affirming that with hindsight “the health situation in France is not degraded compared to that of the neighbors who have made these choices”.

08:30 – Hospital pressure still very much observed

The executive now insists, whenever speaking on the Covid-19, on the importance of monitoring the situation in the hospital to change health protocols and restrictions on public freedoms. And last night’s figures are not good: 9,748 people are currently hospitalized, i.e. 910 more in 24 hours with Covid-19, 3,776 people are currently in intensive care, i.e. 16 more than the day before.

08:22 – The coronavirus epidemic is actively circulating among adolescents

The figures from Public Health France clearly show that the epidemic is not about to stop its circulation: among 10-19 year olds, the incidence rate now exceeds 6,000 per 100,000 inhabitants, or 6 new cases per 100 inhabitants. Never had such a level of incidence been observed in France. It is beyond 4000 for children under 9 years old, and for all age groups up to 50 years old.

01/24/22 – 11:57 p.m. – Île-de-France is an exception in mainland France

According to a map published on the Twitter account of Guillaume Rozier, founder of CovidTracker, Île-de-France is an exception in mainland France: We are seeing a drop in the number of cases.

01/24/22 – 11:39 p.m. – To know everything about the vaccination pass

This Monday, January 24, the vaccine pass came into effect in France. It replaces the health pass for everyone over 16 years old. If you want to know everything, understand everything about this new pass, you can read our article on the subject by clicking on this link.

01/24/22 – 11:17 p.m. – Réunion is the department with the highest incidence rate

The latest coronavirus figures were released by Public Health France this Monday, January 24, 2022. Reunion has the highest incidence rate in France. Thus, it is 5,081.06 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. In contrast, Mayotte has the lowest incidence rate with 441.91 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

01/24/22 – 10:49 p.m. – More than 34 million booster doses have been performed

The Ministry of Solidarity and Health has released the latest vaccination figures as of January 24. Thus, 34,039,488 booster doses were administered. in addition, 53,833,041 first injections were performed.

01/24/22 – 10:15 p.m. – Christiane Taubira clarifies her position on vaccination

While a few weeks ago she had refused to call on the population to be vaccinated, Christiane Taubira clarified her position on the question on the set of C à vous on France 5: “Today, the vaccine is the only and best solution.” On the other hand, she wonders about the restrictions of freedoms of the vaccination pass, and to clarify: “In fact the vaccination pass, it is a vaccination obligation. I think that the President of the Republic could have taken the decision of a vaccination obligation.

01/24/22 – 21:45 – The incidence rate has increased by more than 20% in one week

On his Twitter account, the Parisian journalist Nicolas Berrod warns of the sharp increase in the incidence rate “by at least 20% in one week in almost all age groups”. And to clarify: “It is among 10-19 year olds that it is highest, then among young adults and children under 10 (week of January 15 to 21).”

01/24/22 – 21:14 – Screening decreases among adolescents

Based on the data of the day from Public Health France, Nicolas Berrod, journalist at Le Parisien, reported on his Twitter account the drop in the number of tests on his Twitter account: “Screening has collapsed among children and adolescents, surely partly due to the more massive use of self-tests (which do not appear in SI-DEP) with the new health protocol. And to clarify: “It now seems to be stabilizing in all age groups.”

Here is the latest assessment of the coronavirus in France according to data updated daily by Public Health France and available on Data.gouv. Figures as of January 24, 2022:

According to last epidemiological point from Public Health France (SPF), published Thursday January 20, “the circulation of SARS-CoV-2 remained very intense, with a less marked increase in the number of cases and still significant hospital pressure” in week 02 (January 10-16 ). The incidence rate was over 3,000 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Follow the evolution of the coronavirus in your municipality thanks to the map below. Click on a department to display the list of municipalities. Also find all the details on this cartography and the complete point by city and by department in our article on the Covid map in France.

Since mid-October 2020, Public Health France has been communicating incidence data (number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants) at municipal level. The figures are at this stage communicated according to a scale (10, 20, 50, 150, 250, 500, 1000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants). The data is expressed over a rolling week, which means that it is calculated on a D-day from tests carried out between 3 and 9 days previously. To access information relating to the coronavirus in your municipality, enter its name in the search engine or click on its department in the map below.

As a reminder, the incidence rate corresponds to the number of new cases of Covid-19 over a period of one week, compared to the total population of a territory (country, region, department or municipality). This indicator is generally expressed as the number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The screening rate gives the number of people having carried out a screening test for the coronavirus out of the total number of inhabitants, during the period. It is also most often expressed per 100,000 inhabitants. Finally, the test positivity rate gives the percentage of positive tests for the coronavirus, compared to the total number of tests carried out over the period.

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