NewsWorldIs OMIKRON less dangerous? Primary Hložník pulled numbers...

Is OMIKRON less dangerous? Primary Hložník pulled numbers from the USA: Bad news! However, there are rules on how to handle it –


Jakub Hložník, head of the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care at the Antolská Hospital in Bratislava, pointed to data from the United States, where they currently have the most hospitalized since the beginning of the pandemic, about 151,000. 5 years at a time when the wave is still not at its peak.

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By comparison, at the peak of the delta wave, they had “only” 96,000 hospitalized in the United States and 128,000 infected during the first wave when vaccines were not yet available. “As for the daily average number of deaths in 7 days, they already have more (2145) than at the top of the delta (2038),” pointed out.

The truth is that there are high numbers of positive and sick people in Western Europe, but the numbers of patients in hospitals are relatively low. However, Hložník points out one big ale. “Omikron has so far hit countries with high vaccinations. We will be the first country with vaccinations below 50 percent over which the omicron wave will roll,” claims.

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“Note most real covid experts are very cautious about the severity of the Covid-19 disease caused by the omicron variant. We have overwhelmingly borrowed information from the media that omicron is not as dangerous as previous variants.” he said, asking if that was the case.

He pointed out that “It’s more infectious, we already know, and when it infects 5,000 people instead of, say, 20,000, the risk of us running a hospital is still great, even if it was less dangerous than previous variants, we see in the United States.”

Is OMIKRON less dangerous?

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Source: SITA / AP Photo / Mahesh Kumar A.

However, if we follow at least the basic rules, we do not have to be afraid of the omicron. These include vaccinations, wearing a respirator, avoiding crowded spaces, ventilating and giving up travel at least until the end of the wave.

Is OMIKRON less dangerous? Primary Hložník pulled numbers from the USA: Bad news! However, there are rules for how to handle it

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