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Covid Germany today, almost 127 thousand infections: tens of thousands in the streets


There are 126,955 new coronavirus infections recorded yesterday in Germany, the scene in the evening of protests against the anti-Coronavirus measures and counter-demonstrations in support of the restrictions. The cases registered a week ago in 24 hours were 74,405. The incidence per 100 thousand inhabitants over seven days has risen today to 894.3 from 840.3 cases yesterday and 553.2 a week ago. There are 214 deaths, up from 193 a week ago. 7,331,200 people recovered from the beginning of the pandemic, 8,871,795 infections were confirmed. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people took to the streets last night in the country to protest against the vaccination obligation that the Bundestag is discussing this week and against the restrictive measures adopted in the country, where Omicron variant infections continue to rise and where experts hundreds of thousands of cases of infections per day are expected by mid-February. Also yesterday, many counter-demonstrations or vigils in memory of Coronavirus victims were held.In Bavaria alone, the police reported over one hundred demonstrators rallies, with tens of thousands of participants. The most impressive demonstration took place in Nuremberg. Also on the streets in Thuringia and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

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