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Strict measures apply to weddings: Do musicians have to follow them as well? The clear words of the band’s hygienists will not please you! –


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The situation in Slovakia is becoming quite complicated and omikron variants are slowly but surely becoming dominant. The number of positive people is growing and the laboratories are gradually on the verge of their ability. Therefore, the government has long since decided to introduce several more stringent measures in view of the impending massive omicron wave.

For example, it has divided mass events into three groups – low-risk, such as cinemas, non-singing services, or theater performances, medium-risk events where refreshments are available, sports events with spectators, or high-quality services, where include all parties, weddings, celebrations or discos.

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In the last group, there can be a maximum of 20 people who meet the OP + regime – in addition to the confirmation of overcoming or vaccination, they must also have a confirmation of the so-called booster dose or negative test. However, the organizers must have a complete list of participants for a month in the event of an epidemiological inquiry. And here’s the stumbling block – these conditions also apply to indirect participants – that is, bands and DJs who make fun at weddings?

Unvaccinated musicians – what about them?

A member of one band, who currently did not know what the practice is – contacted us, whether they must meet the same conditions as other participants in the mass event or not. As the artistic director of the band explained, no one is vaccinated or outdated by them and they definitely do not plan to be vaccinated for the time being – they allegedly do not belong to the risk groups. However, the Public Health Office does not have good news for them – the rules allegedly apply equally to everyone.

They apply strictly to weddings

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All participants in the mass event must comply with the conditions of the relevant regime. Therefore, if the event is in the OP regime, or in the case of weddings in the OP + public catering establishments, all participants must meet the relevant conditions, as stated in Decree no. 5/2022. This also applies to bands, DJs and the like, “ informed the press office. However, as they added, a group does not have to follow this rule – but they are employees of the public catering establishment where the wedding reception takes place. These are waiters or chefs who serve the wedding feast, but they follow the OTP regime, as it is their job – workplace.

However, it may still happen that after the omicron wave there will be a release in this area as well. However, no one knows how it will be here in spring or summer, when the main season of weddings or celebrations is usually. However, the Public Health Office declares that in the event of changes in the regulations, they will inform the public in a timely manner.

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