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5 Things You Should Know This June 24: Biden’s “Big Rush” Against Violent Crime


Kamala Harris will make her first trip as vice president to the border this Friday. What you should know about all the variants of the new coronavirus identified so far. Britney Spears testified in court and called for an end to her father’s guardianship. This is what you need to know to start the day. Truth first.


Biden commits to a “major offensive” against arms dealers who break the laws

President Joe Biden announced what he called a “major offensive” against gun dealers who violate existing laws and said his administration will implement a “zero tolerance” policy to ensure that dealers “cannot sell death and mayhem” in streets. His speech from the White House comes after the largest cities in the country will register a 33% increase in homicides in 2020.


One by one, all the variants of the new coronavirus

The coronavirus put the world in check and caused a social and economic challenge around the planet. The challenge of facing a pandemic is compounded by the appearance of the variants, even when millions of people have already been vaccinated. As of June 22, the WHO identifies 11 active variants of the virus. This is what you should know about the main.

CDC: Delta variant of covid-19 will predominate in the US 1:57


Kamala Harris’ first trip to the border as vice president

The vice president Kamala Harris will visit the US-Mexico border this Friday. The trip to El Paso, Texascomes after Harris received criticism from Republicans for not visiting the border, in the framework of her role as supervisor of diplomatic efforts to address the root causes of migration from Central America.

Kamala Harris will visit the US-Mexico border. 0:39


Who is Rosario Murillo, a key figure in Nicaragua

It is difficult to think of Daniel Ortega, president of Nicaragua, without invoking the figure of Rosario Murillo, his wife, a fellow activist in Sandinismo, a government spokesperson and since 2017 also vice president of the country. Some think that she is the one who holds the power in the country. Here we tell you who he is and what his career is.

Daniel Ortega speaks on TV about detained opponents 3:12


Police will need warrants to pursue suspects from their homes in the United States.

The US Supreme Court ruled that, unless there is an emergency, police must assess on a case-by-case basis whether officers need a warrant before chasing an individual suspected of committing a misdemeanor home. Judge Elena Kagan wrote the opinion. The magistrates reached a unanimous result, but differed in reasoning.

At coffee time

Is it safe to travel this boreal summer? Explained by a medical expert

As more people get vaccinated and coronavirus infection rates decline in many parts of the world, people are beginning to travel in greater numbers. What must be taken into account when deciding whether to travel? And if you are traveling with children who cannot yet be vaccinated, what other considerations should they have? Explained by Dr. Leana Wen, CNN Medical Analyst.

This is Greece’s plan to recover tourism 3:16

Why are foreign workers still unable to come to the US?

When President Joe Biden reversed a Trump-era decree in February – which had temporarily banned some immigrant visas during the pandemic – he touted that American industries could once again “use talent from around the world.” But months later many foreign workers are still unable to reach the United States.

Biden reverses immigrant visa measure 0:42

Little Derek and the fight against time to get a drug of millions

Little Derek Pinargote García is a smiling, playful baby with an unwavering desire to live. He was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy two months ago and, to control the progression of the condition and prevent his early death, he needs doctors to administer Zolgensma, a drug that costs US $ 2.1 million. This is his story.

Do you miss the concerts? These are the Latin shows that will be in the US this 2021

The United States little by little returns to its normality thanks to the vaccine, and one of the activities that are beginning to be scheduled again are concerts. Here we present you a list of artists touring in the remainder of 2021, including Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony and Karol G.

Harry Styles and the concerts that are coming this summer 1:26

Drones are helping reduce the world’s plastic pollution

The planet is drowning in plastic pollution. The problem is so vast that it is difficult to know where to start cleaning it. But the ‘startup ‘ Ellipsis Earth, based in the United Kingdom, believe you can help using camera-equipped drones.

The countries that generate the most plastic waste 1:04

The number of the day


National Geographic, one of the most prominent and visible cartographic groups in the world, has officially decreed the existence of another ocean on the planet: the Austral.

Quote of the day

“I am traumatized. I am not happy, I cannot sleep. I’m so mad, it’s crazy “

At a public hearing in the Los Angeles court, Britney Spears offered her testimony on the protracted battle for the protection of his estate, which came under his father’s control by court order in 2008.

Britney Spears asks to withdraw guardianship of her estate 1:54

Day selection

These are the vinyls at the best price on Amazon

Remastered and Anniversary Editions by Michael Jackson, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin.

And to finish…

Woman finds note from 1926 in a bottle and manages to contact the daughter of the person who wrote it

1926 message found in bottle in Michigan 1:38

A female diver in Cheboygan, Michigan, found a 95-year-old message in a bottle at the bottom of the river. After posting it on Facebook, he managed to contact the daughter of the man who wrote it and this is what she said.



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