• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Shooting in Colorado at birthday party, at least 7 dead


May 10, 2021

At least seven people were killed in Colorado in a shooting at a birthday party. The assailant would have committed suicide. Colorado Springs police reported that officers, called by neighbors who heard the gunfire, found six dead and eight seriously injured adults upon arrival at the house. One of the injured later died in the hospital. According to an initial reconstruction, a birthday party was taking place in the house and the attacker was the boyfriend of one of the victims. There were also children at the party, who were unharmed. The police are investigating to reconstruct the motive for the massacre. “Words fail to describe the tragedy that occurred today,” said local police chief, Vince Niski. “As police chief, husband, father and grandfather, as a member of this community, I am heartbroken for families who have lost a loved one, for children who have lost their parents,” she added.