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“He’s there but he’s not there”: Simon Castaldi not tender with his father, Benjamin – Closer France


Simon Castaldi was not very tender with his father, Benjamin Castaldi, in an interview posted online by Gossip Room on Friday January 14, 2022. He assured that it was “a little hard”.

Before being a host and a columnist, Benjamin Castaldi is a family man. Indeed, he is the proud father of four children, including Simon, who became known to the general public by participating in reality TV shows. The latter has also met the one who currently shares his life in The Marseillais VS the rest of the world 6, namely Adixia. The lovers answered the questions of Gossip Room, whose interview was published on Friday, January 14, 2022. The lovebirds assured that their story was serious and that the presentations with Benjamin Castaldi had even taken place. “The meeting went well. She went very well even“, initially assured Adixia. For his part, Simon Castaldi recalled that his dad was sociable and was not the type to make people uncomfortable.

After, my father he is a bit special… he is there but he is not there my father, so it is a bit hard. It’s not the guy who will sit down and say: ‘Tell me Adixia, how are you?’“, said the young reality TV candidate again. If he assured that the television man was not a bad person, he regrets that he did not necessarily understand how much he was in love with the young woman.

For Simon Castaldi, his father did not understand that he was in love with Adixia

My dad thinks I’m young and want to catch anything that moves. He didn’t understand that I really loved him and that we were very much in love!“, he confided again. Words that should reach the ears of the main interested party who will not fail to change the situation the next time he sees the one who makes his son’s heart beat.


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