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Quinté+: The probable starters of the Prix d’Amérique Races Zeturf Legend Race 2022 –


The probable qualifiers and starters for the Prix d’Amérique Races Zeturf 2022

In yellow, the starters whose participation is not guaranteed by those around them, despite their favorable situation in terms of earnings.

Lessons from the weekend

Prix ​​de Belgique (G2): Feydeau Seven and Diable de Vauvert qualified

A week after his victory in the Lille price, Feydeau Seven confirms his great form at the moment by signing the best victory of his career in the Prix ​​d’Amérique Races Zeturf Q6 – Prix de Belgique. Jean-Michel Bazire therefore qualifies a 5th representative for the queen event which will take place in two weeks. Long in the back rows, Devil of Vauvert draws a superb straight line and ranks 2nd, also winning his ticket for the beauty. Race favourite, Gu d’Héripré caused a great disappointment (13th) but could still “pass” to the gains in the big race.

Prix ​​de Croix (G2): Hohneck more and more impressive

Summarize this Price of America 2022 to a duel between Face Time Bourbon and amazing would be premature. Young and ambitious trotters will be there with the firm intention of coming to arbitrate the debates! Hohneck looks like the most formidable of them. In full bloom, the champion of Philippe Allaire asserted its leadership over the “H” generation by imposing itself like the strong in the Continental Criterium (G1), after having evolved for a while nose to wind.

His ticket to theAmerica in the pocket, Hohneck did not need to force his talent afterwards to leave his opponents at a clear distance in the Price of Cross this Saturday, January 15. He should arrive in full possession of his means on D-Day and if those around him are obviously not going to compromise his career on a race, however important it may be, Hohneck has quite the profile of a potential spoilsport.

The crack Face Time Bourbon, grandissime favorite

A trotter is a huge favorite of the price of america approaching the last Sunday of January 2022. Already winner of the last two editions of the queen event, Face Time Bourbon will set off in search of a hat-trick to join in history Urania, Rockthorn and Bellino II, Ourasi being the only one to have won it four times.

The protege of Sebastien Guarato seems to have all the weapons to reach its target. He has benefited from optimal preparation so far, having won Q1 from the start. Price of Brittany. Then directed to Bourbonnais (Q2) rather than to the speed course of the Burgundy (Q5) so as not to put it too much on the gas, Face Time Bourbon slackened at the end of the course, as he had already done in the French Grand Prix last winter.

This defeat, quite relative, does not in any way call into question his status as the big favourite. Face Time Bourbon will present itself on its freshness, with at the helm a certain Eric Raffin who is starting to get to know him well and who has just broken the French record for the number of victories over a year in combined (harnessed and ridden). the Golden Sulky in title will he draw lessons from the Bourbonnais and thus adopt a different tactic, keeping his crack behind as long as possible? This cannot be ruled out…

Astonishing, a formidable challenger

If there’s a trotter that looks better than ever, that’s fine. amazing ! Son of Timoko and the mounted champion Migraine, amazing had up to now as its main feat of arms its sublime victory in the Paris Grand Prix 2021 (G1), end to end and being shod 4 feet. A real feat!

This winter, amazing hit even harder, overcoming Face Time Bourbon in the Bourbonnais price (Q2) after being his runner-up in the Price of Brittany (Q1). A past master in the art of preparing for major races, Richard Westerink preferred to present amazing at Bouscat, with a handicap of 50 meters, just to change his mind and save him a long trip plus a new fight in the Burgundy, when the qualification was already in hand.

amazing and its driver Anthony Barrier have a very good card to play in this Price of America 2022. The horse knows how to start and go ahead if necessary. It sometimes has a bad patch in the final bend, where Face Time Bourbon is the most formidable, but has made enormous progress in this area and knows how to revive and be tough as a rock in the final stretch.

See or review the victory of Etonnant against Face Time Bourbon in the Prix d’Amérique Races Zeturf Q2 – Prix du Bourbonnais

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