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The Beverly Hills star has COVID: Everyone caught it! I’m exhausted, I can’t even take care of the children Telkáč.sk – Telkáč.sk


01/16/2022Actors and actressesThe coronavirus does not choose … After a long pause, actress Tori Spelling confided in the fans on the social network why this was the case. Her whole family became infected with COVID. They prayed it was just a cold, but the opposite was true. The actress admitted that she was exhausted and could not take care of her children.

The article started with the words that she usually puts a lot on social networks, but she would not like to share this at all. “At the moment, however, people are frustrated that they do not receive answers from me, both personally and in business, and wonder why I am missing out on the event.” she wrote.

Our whole family has COVID

“Our whole family has COVID. Yes, every single member has it. We all have different symptoms. I was the last person to show symptoms. ” the actress wrote. Everyone prayed it was just a cold, but it wasn’t. “There’s nothing worse than wanting to take care of your children, but you’re so sick that you can barely function.” she admitted.

As a parent, I feel useless

“As a parent, I feel useless. Devastated. Mom should take care of her children when they are sick. This is how it works. But we all experience this together. I know we are not alone. ” the actress said, adding that many people are going through it or have been through it as well. When her friend found out that everyone had COVID, she sent them a package of vitamins at the door, for which she thanked her.

“I am very grateful to you! And if I don’t respond, understand. Give me some time. We are at the peak of the disease. For information: It took 45 minutes to write this post, “ the actress added, adding that she kept interrupting writing. She added a photo of one of her children to the post.

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