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According to Kaliňák, Bödör is innocent: Smer is preparing a criminal complaint against Hamran! We do not overdo it with referendums –


“That’s the way it is in the constitution. Until the final court decision, everyone is innocent. When you question it, you question the constitution.” Kaliňák emphasized. He admitted that he does not care how the Specialized Criminal Court (ŠTS) decides on Sunday in case of accusation of the businessman. However, he talks about the abuse of criminal law, according to him, the police are not independent. However, he told the coalition not to be afraid to investigate.

CURRENT Judge rules: Norbert Bödör is on the verge, the decision is not yet final

Krúpa admitted that Kaliňák was right in some way

The Chairman of the Committee of the National Council (NR) of the Slovak Republic for Defense and Security Juraj Krúpa (OĽANO) admitted that in a way Kaliňák is right. “In a way, Mr. Kaliňák is right, de jure, these accused are still innocent unless a verdict is handed down.” said Krupa. However, according to Smer, the activities lead to the fact that they try to protect the accused businessman and suggest that he persevere and not testify. According to him, topics are mixed to divert attention from other things.

Source: Topky / Vlado Anjel

The direction certainly does not exaggerate with referendums, says Kaliňák

On the margin of the referendum in connection with the defense agreement with the USA, Kaliňák remarked that Smer certainly does not overdo it with referendums. According to him, the contract was negotiated badly and those who negotiated it are ashamed of it and argue for the opposition. He strongly rejects claims that the party is lying about the contract. “The contract should be negotiated better,” Kaliňák said, adding that in principle the country does not even need it, as well as if the Czech Republic does not have it. In connection with the contract, he speaks of an invitation. He is convinced that the contract needs to be discussed.

The opposition is spreading lies and half-truths

Krupa opposes that a treaty is needed, he reminded that 23 countries have it. He described the USA as the strongest ally with which Slovakia has long-established bilateral cooperation. “The treaty defines the legal framework we can,” said Krúpa with the understanding that it is a framework agreement. He stressed that the opposition is spreading lies and half-truths. However, he also emphasized that in the current debate on the political scene, we “currently let scientists and doctors breathe.” Smer-SD party has not yet filed a notified criminal complaint against the interim police president Štefan Hamran, according to Kaliňák.

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