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Media responses to the deportation of Novak Djokovic: Toxic icon, the biggest shame in the history of sports – Š


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Responses of the Serbian, Croatian and Australian media to the final decision in the case of tennis player Novak Djokovic:

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SERBIA “The court ruled: ‘Deportation for Novak!’ The biggest shame in the history of sports has happened in Melbourne. Shame on Australia … Law and law have lost, politics has won. ” “Disgust you haven’t seen before. Djokovic is deported and will not be able to play at the Australian Open. ” “Nole was shaken like never before. He did not hide his disappointment and did not hide his sadness in court. ”

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Novak Djokovic: I am very disappointed, but I respect the court’s decision

CROATIA “No Djoxit! Novak is being deported. ”

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Sydney Morning Herald: “Novak Djokovic came to Australia to become the best player in the history of men’s tennis. He ended up with the armed guard as a toxic icon of the anti-vaccination movement. ”

The Australian: “It’s the right decision, but both sides have lost.”

Financial Review: “The government, Novak Djokovic and Tennis Australia have lost credibility in front of the world following the abolition of visas to the world unit.”

The Daily Telegraph: “The head of the Australian Tennis Association should step down after this Djoker mess.”

Herald Sun: “Tournament boss Craig Tiley thought he had found a loophole in strict Australian law to bring the unvaccinated Novak Djokovic to the country. And it has become an international disgrace. ” “Djokovic was expelled. The shocked player has to fly out of Australia. ”

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How Novak Djokovic knew how to seize the audience and when he started behaving controversially:

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