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Hoax or report of the year? Tesla will build another Gigafactory in Slovakia and is already looking for employees – FonTech


A few days ago on Twitter Czech Tesla fan and video creator Ondřej Bačina has been informed that the American carmaker plans to build the second European Gigafactory in Slovakia. Several Slovak media have drawn attention to this report, but its credibility is very low for several reasons.

Ondrejov Tweet of course, it attracted the attention not only of its followers, but also of the media from Slovakia and abroad. The report on the construction of a new factory of the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the world in Slovakia is, of course, a great sensation, but as we can trust it, it is questionable.

A trusted source who wanted to stay secret

The first suspicious fact is that the source who shared this information with Ondřej Bačin, according to several Slovak media, wants to remain secret. However, this source is supposed to be trustworthy and it is said to have received a job offer from Tesla within its new Slovak project.

Another fact is that Tesla on his official website does not yet display any job offers for Slovakia, so it is unlikely that it would address “random” people before the official recruitment – unless it was directly the so-called plant managers, who oversee the construction of the entire project from an absolute foundation.

The fact that Ondřej informs about the production of Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster in a new factory in Slovakia does not add to the credibility of this report. These two models are potentially the least interesting for the European market and the Cybertruck is more suitable for the American market.

Cybertruck is a huge pickup and this style of cars is especially important overseas, while Tesla Roadster is a supersport that will be produced in low volumes and it is so pointless to build another factory for it.

Even the people in the comments below the article do not attach too much credibility to this information and unanimously agree that before the new Gigafactory could grow in our country, we could look forward to the official entry of Tesla into our market in the form of showroom and service.

Giga Berlin is enough for Europe

The recently completed Giga Berlin factory will be absolutely sufficient for European market demand for the time being. Tesla’s first goal is to produce a Model Y body in 45 seconds. This is a truly remarkable time, and in practice it would mean that the carmaker could produce up to 700,000 electric cars a year.

At full operation, however, the “Muscovites” have set a more modest goal and want to produce about 500,000 electric cars a year. In addition to this information, Tesla also published short video from the new factory, which shows us the interiors of Giga Berlin.

Hoax or fantasy of the year?

While we would certainly welcome this report to be true, the facts so far suggest that it is a hoax, or at least a misinterpreted fact.

Tesla can really come to Slovakia and we have been waiting impatiently for several years. But before it should build a factory here, it will probably come in the form of a service and a showroom for customers.

What do you think about that? Can the Slovak Gigafactory really grow in our country, or is it a hoax? Or will we finally see the mentioned service this year? Report in our poll.

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