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The head of the GP disappointed Sulík: I would not go to Russia, it is a shame! We will no longer close schools in general –


“I wouldn’t go there. It’s a shame, he went there as the only EU country. I don’t think it would be appropriate.” said Sulík. However, he stressed that Žilinka, on the other hand, did nothing forbidden.

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The Attorney General let him down

However, he admitted that the Attorney General disappointed him, he agreed with the statement of Prime Minister Eduard Heger, who said that he was no longer understanding Žilina. Asked if Žilinka had his trust, Sulík replied that it was an irrelevant question, reminding him that he had been duly elected to the post.

Source: Topky / Ján Zemiar

Sulík also stated that he would not take part in the round table on the issue of changing the Constitution of the Slovak Republic in connection with the referendum on early elections initiated by the President of the National Council of the Slovak Republic Boris Kollár (We are a family). He finds it unnecessary. According to him, the SaS has not talked about this yet and does not know if they will send anyone there at all.

The Prime Minister has doubts, Žilinka is not a shield

The prime minister said yesterday that he had doubts about the agreement on cooperation in the field of cybersecurity, the establishment of which was to be agreed in the Russian Federation by Attorney General Maroš Žilinka with his counterpart Igor Krasnov. He pointed out that cyber threats are also coming from Russia. According to his own words, the head of the prosecutor’s office ceases to understand.

The head of the GP disappointed Sulík:

Source: Topky / Vlado Anjel

“We often talk to EU leaders about disrupting our cyberspace and talk about how to protect ourselves from threats and, unfortunately, these threats also come from the Russian Federation. This raises even more doubts in me.” he said on the margin of the agreement, which Žilinka announced after criticizing his trip to Russia.

The head of the GP later commented on the social network on the prime minister’s words. Žilinka rejects the Prime Minister’s words and claims that she will never be a shield defending the interests of politicians. He declared that he defends the rights of natural and legal persons in accordance with the Constitution of the Slovak Republic.

Sulík would have the defense agreement with the USA assessed by the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic

Deputy Prime Minister Richard Sulík also commented on the defense agreement with the USA. In his personal opinion, he would have the treaty assessed by the Constitutional Court (CC) of the Slovak Republic. He also considers it good that the defense agreement is being discussed. “I would give it to the Constitutional Court,” said Sulík. He noted that this is the competence of the President of the Slovak Republic and it is up to her to decide. “The president has that opportunity, it’s her decision,” pointed out. He considers it good that the defense agreement is being discussed. This can dispel public concerns. “Basically, it’s good to discuss it and take people’s concerns. Explain to them what article he’s talking about.” Sulík thinks.

We will veto the general closure of schools

At the same time, according to him, it is good that the schools have opened, although the Minister of Finance Igor Matovič (OĽANO) thinks that it will be revenge for omicron. “Schools are an open, equipped thing. It won’t help us,” declared Sulík. He reminded that the students are not educating properly for the second year, or only to a very limited extent. According to him, children belong to school. According to Sulík, the general closure of schools will not be a way to terminate the coalition agreement, but the party will veto such a possible step. “We will definitely veto school closures and we need to find another solution,” added Sulík.

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