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Thanks to Snapchat, a teenager kidnapped in Marseilles saved by the police – The HuffPost


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The Snapchat application, of which here is the logo, very popular among young people, allowed a kidnapped young girl to be located by the police, on January 14, 2022.

MISCELLANEOUS – A 14-year-old runaway girl, kidnapped and raped by two men in Marseilles, was eventually released after guiding the police to her alleged attackers in activating localization from his phone on the social networks, we learned this Sunday, January 16 from a police source.

Arrested on Friday in the apartment where the young girl was found, the two men, aged 26 and 64, were brought before the Marseille public prosecutor’s office on Sunday for “rape in meetings of a minor and kidnapping”, after 48 hours of custody. on sight during which they disputed the rapes, speaking of consensual sex.

The minor, very shocked, was hospitalized in Marseille immediately after her release. Medical examinations confirmed the existence of anal lesions. The young girl, who had run away from the Ardèche, said she had also been forced to perform oral sex. She has since rejoined her family, police said.

Thanks to Snapchat, but not only

This affair was initially revealed on Saturday by Rudy Manna, representative of the police union Alliance, on his Twitter account.

“This rescue took place thanks to Snapchat, but above all took place thanks to the excellent idea of ​​the young assistant policewoman from the Information and Command Center (CIC), without whom nothing would have been possible. Snapchat alone would not have allowed the arrest of these individuals”, specified Rudy Manna questioned this Sunday by BFM TV.

“When the teenager heard the police walk past the door, she replied “yes” [par message, NDLR]. At that time, the police were able to identify the apartment and free the victim,” he explains.

Running away to Marseilles

It was the parents of the victim who had given the alert on Friday, after receiving a call from their daughter where she explained to them that she was being held in Marseilles and had been the victim of rape.

During her escape, in Marseille, the teenager had met a 26-year-old man at a party who had offered to host her. She had then followed him to an apartment where another 64-year-old man was. According to the victim, the two individuals would have smoking cannabis before raping her in turn.

The police managed to find the victim, who still had her mobile phone, by communicating with her via social networks. The activation of the location of his phone on the Snapchat network allowed them to target a building in the 15th arrondissement, in a city in the northern districts of Marseille.

They then drummed one by one on all the doors of the targeted building, until the minor confirmed to them, via a simple message on the social network, that they were indeed in front of the apartment where she was sequestered.

The investigation was entrusted to the departmental security of Bouches-du-Rhône.

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